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By Rachel Arthur

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Martini & Rossi is launching non-alcoholic innovations Floreale and Vibrante across the US this month, alongside a Spritz mindful drinking cocktail kit for January.
Martini & Rossi is launching non-alcoholic innovations Floreale and Vibrante across the US this month, alongside a Spritz mindful drinking cocktail kit for January.

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From CBD spirits to canned cocktails, we take a look at some of the alcohol-free launches this month.


m c

Non-alcoholic CBD spirit M&C has launched in the UK.

The brand has been created by the duo behind non-alcoholic gin alternative Ceders, which was sold to Pernod Ricard in 2020.

“Establishing the unique relation between plants, people and experience, M&C’s is a harmonized blend of premium CBD combined with hemp, sage, chamomile, juniper and orange blossom,”​ says the duo.

“The astringent taste from the CBD blends well with the aromas and flavours from the botanical ingredients to create an exceptional drinking experience. Handcrafted in small batches in the UK, the 16.9 Fl oz bottle contains 50mg of CBD and has the ability to deliver a more sophisticated and complex flavour profile.

"M&C is best served over ice with premium tonic and garnished with fresh orange peel for a sense of refreshing calm.”

Rosé Soleil

rose soleil

Dry Soda Co has launched the newest flavor in its Botanical Bubbly Reserve Collection, called Rosé Soleil.

“Crafted with hints of strawberry, rose, and oak, Rosé Soleil Botanical Bubbly Reserve gives a fruit-forward bouquet, and a crisp finish with every sip,”​ explains the Seattle-based brand.

“Inspired by Provence-style Rosé, this zero-proof sip emulates a dry, minerally, yet delicately floral sparkling Rosé, made alcohol-free without sacrificing any flavor or complexity.” 

The launch follows the 2022 introduction of sparkling wine alternatives, Botanical Bubbly Reserve Spiced Pear and Lavender 75.

The drink has been designed to complement any culinary dish or appetizer as a wine would: with Rosé Soleil’s flavors pairing well with light pasta dishes, seafood, lamb, and goat cheese.

Packaged in premium 64-ounce glass bottles and sold individually, Dry Botanical Bubbly Reserve is made with all-natural, non-GMO, low sugar, and Kosher ingredients, and is free of gluten, caffeine, and sodium.  

Non-alcoholic canned cocktails from Molson Coors


Molson Coors has released Roxie, a zero-proof canned cocktail.

The launch of Roxie is Molson Coors’ latest venture in the beyond beer space and marks its first-ever direct-to-consumer line of zero-proof cocktails.

Recent data from IWSR shows that the non-alcoholic beverage category is expected to grow by 27.6% among 21- to 25-year-olds. Roxie is designed for consumers seeking non-alcohol beverages that make them feel good about their choice to participate in drinking occasions with or without the alcohol.

“Roxie is the brand that empowers people to be a part of the moment, celebrating the choice to drink and​​ not drink alcohol​​,”​​ says Jamie Wideman, Vice President of Innovation at Molson Coors Beverage Company. “That’s where Roxie shines, it packs layers of flavorful complexity, delivering a line of zero-proof cocktails built for those who want to moderate their drinking, abstain or simply sip on something fantastic.”

Roxie comes in three premium flavors designed to be enjoyed straight from the can, on the rocks or dressed up with a garnish:

  • Ripe with Passionfruit: 'Bold, zesty, and so lush with passionfruit…it’s almost indecent'
  • Forbidden Pineapple: 'Juicy, tangy, and drenched in vibrant flavors that dare to go there'
  • Lost in Mango: 'Rich and aromatic, with a full-bodied finish and a dash of intrigue'

Aplós Arise

Aplos inset

Functional non-alcoholic spirits brand Aplós has launched a new spirit, Aplós Arise. 

Aplós Arise is infused with a ‘proprietary blend of adaptogens and crafted for moments of revelry’. It acts as a counterpart to the signature Aplós Calme, which is infused with broad-spectrum hemp and ‘crafted for moments of unwind’. 

“With the launch of Arise, Aplós is one step closer to building the bar of the future by crafting an innovative portfolio of functional, non-alcoholic spirits designed to replicate the ritual of cocktail drinking,”​ says the brand.

“Both spirits were created in collaboration with award-winning mixologist Lynnette Marrero (James Beard Honoree and founder of Speed Rack).”

To support the new spirit launch and further accelerate its growth, Aplós will expand beyond its DTC success by launching in the wholesale channel alongside new partners this year -- Aplós will launch in California and Washington with partner Winebow in January 2023, and launch in New York alongside Boisson in Q1 2023.

Alcohol-free wine


Moderato, a French pioneer in reduced-alcohol wines, has launched a wine and red wine in its alcohol-free range.

The wines were created with an oenologist to create ‘balanced, fruity wines with low levels of sugars’. The wines have seven times fewer calories than classic wines, according to the brand.

Blanc 0, made from Verdejo grapes, retails for €9.90; as does Rouge 0, which is made from the Grenache variety.

Shirley Temple

black lines shirley temple

UK brand Black Lines Drinks has launched its first non-alcohol cocktail, Black Lines Shirley Temple.

“When Black Lines thought about releasing an alcohol-free cocktail, there were two options: substitute the spirit or take inspiration from a purpose-built non-alcoholic cocktail. In walked the Shirley Temple, the original mocktail,”​ says the brand.

“Black Lines Shirley Temple is effervescent, indulgent and outrageous. Combining grenadine, ginger ale, raspberry soda, fresh lemon, blood orange and a dash of bitters, it's nostalgia with a cherry on top. The serve delivers sweet red berries and ginger on the nose, a crisp mouthfeel and a long, aromatic finish.” 

The drink retails at £12 per bottle.



Florida-based Mixoloshe has launched six new products ‘that boast all of the party and none of the booze’.

The brand, which launched with three cocktail-inspired soft seltzers last year, is founded by entrepreneur Kristina Roth​.

Blueberry Gin & Tonic, Cosmic Bitter Spritz and Orange Old Fashioned join the existing line up of beach party inspired drinks. The original flavors, Mango Chili Crush,Tropical Smoky Margarita and Southern Pineapple Smash have all been reformulated; with each 12 ounce can now containing only 50 calories, less than nine grams of sugar and five clean ingredients.

Additionally, Mixoloshe is rolling out three non-alcoholic spirits for non-alcoholic or low ABV cocktails. Coming in Gin, Whiskey and Tequila, each 750 ml bottle contains five ingredients and no artificial colors or sodium benzoate. 

Non-alcoholic aperitivo


Martini & Rossi is launching non-alcoholic innovations Floreale and Vibrante across the US this month, alongside a Spritz mindful drinking cocktail kit for January.

Vibrante is a ‘fruity and balanced Aperitivo with notes of Italian Bergamot Orange’. Floreale is ‘a refreshingly light and floral Aperitivo with notes of Chamomile’. Both retail at $19.99.

Meanwhile, the Spritz Mindfully cocktail kit includes all the ingredients and accessories required for 16 non-alcoholic cocktails, packaged alongside Bacardi’s mindful drinking guide ‘The Good Spirited Host’.


Déluré, a new range of low alcohol and alcohol-free wines from France created by Boston-based Latitude Beverage, is hitting shelves in the US.

“Déluré, a French word that means “bold or sassy,” is a new line of wines made for wine lovers looking for a lighter option that doesn’t compromise on flavor,”​ says the brand.

“Made from grapes harvested in the south of France near the Mediterranean Sea, the wines are balanced, full-flavored and refreshing, but with less or no alcohol, and lower calories.”

The low-alcohol wines are made with grapes picked at full ripeness, and then after fermentation is complete, alcohol is either completely removed, or removed from a portion of the wine then blended back in. They are 9% ABV and 85 calories per 5 oz serving, and available in Rosé, Blanc, and Rouge for an SRP of $14.99.

Meanwhile, the Déluré Zero has 35 calories per 8 oz serving, and is available as an alcohol-removed Sparkling Rosé for an SRP of $14.99. 100% Grenache grapes are harvested at full sugar and flavor ripeness and alcohol is then removed from the full-strength wine, sparkle is added, and the wine is bottled under pressure for maximum refreshment.

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