All news articles for February 2017

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Pepsi and Coke ready for storm as Tamil Nadu’s boycott begins

By RJ Whitehead

Many grocery store owners, restaurant proprietors and refreshment vendors will stop selling drinks made by multinational brands in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu from March 1—though shopkeepers have reported a sharp drop in sales ahead of the protest.

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Guest article

Brewery sanitation: 5 tips for brewers looking to clean up their act

By Adam Serfas, president, R.S. Quality Products

You’ve heard it before: the alcohol in the beer kills any germs. For a while now, this notion has been treated as being more or less adequate safeguarding for brewers as far as food & beverage safety inspectors were concerned. But, the times they...

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Drinktec 2017

Call for speakers: Do you know what’s brewing in beer?

By Rachel ARTHUR

BeverageDaily and drinktec are collaborating to present a lively conference series at drinktec (Munich, September 11-15), which will provide small brewers with advice on how to scale up operations. We’re calling for speakers who are keen to get involved...

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Boston Beer Company highlights ‘softening of craft beer category’

By Rachel ARTHUR

The Boston Beer Company highlights the ‘general softening of the craft beer category’ and a challenging retail environment as new craft brews continue to enter the market. But it says flagship beer Samuel Adams is still set up for continued long term...