'Stop Food From The USA!' Russian nationalists target Coke, Pepsi


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'Stop Food From The USA!' Russian nationalists target Coke, Pepsi
Russian nationalist youth group Food Patriotism is urging Russian to stop drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and insists the nation's citizens can 'vote with our roubles against the goods of our ideological opponents'.

The group claims it is protesting against sanctions imposed by the US over the Ukraine crisis.

Food Patriotism were out in force in Moscow this week brandishing placards and wearing T-shirts sporting slogans including: 'For Russia, say 'No' to Cola' and 'Defend our children from overseas poison'; the group also spent time exploding Coke bottles with Mentos, or perhaps the patriotic Russian equivalent, as you can see in the video below.

"We are for food patriotism! Each of us - consumers and may vote against the ruble products of our ideological opponents. In addition, these products are also extremely harmful. We believe that it is illogical to maintain even a minimum of harmful products of those who hate us,"​ the group writes on its website​.

The group appeared outside the US Embassy in Moscow, calling on the public to boycott other US goods such as Pepsi drinks and McDonalds fast food. It is using the hastag #StopFood_FromThe_USA

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