What can Kim Jong-Un learn from Coca-Cola?


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The Dear Leader, no-one knows which one, looking at a kitchen cabinet...
The Dear Leader, no-one knows which one, looking at a kitchen cabinet...
What can Kim Jong-Un learn from Coca-Cola? Not much, aside from the 'art of modern spin', suggests New Yorker magazine blogger Evan Osnos, in an entertaining online piece published yesterday.

As the late North Korean premier Kim Jong-il was still threatening to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire"​, propagandists in China were becoming admiring students of Coca-Cola brand management strategy, Osnos writes.

According to the journalist - whose article you can read here​ - one apparatchik wrote in a Communist Party textbook, a propos​ of Coke, "if you have a good image, any problem can be solved".

Other masters apparently admired by the party, Osnos says, include George Bush Jr. and his administration (for handling of the US media post 9/11) and former UK prime minister Tony Blair's response to mad cow disease.

I must admit that one glance at the latest Kim Jong is enough to make me feel Il, Un - perhaps its the combination of that short back 'n' sides with superadded Castrol GTX, coupled with his threat to unleash nuclear armageddon - or at least queasy.

Certainly, in respect of image management, Jong-Un could learn a lot from Coke - even to the extent that cultivating a sharper image and a little marketing savvy, attributes Coke clearly possesses, could rein-in he and his lackey's shared sense of acute paranoia, and, hey!, help them win friends and influence people worldwide.

Hey, it could even make them feel better about themselves. Jong-Un could soon be striking poses that are more Brad Pitt than pit of stomach, or Chairman Mao. (Here are some more pictures of Kim Jong-Un​, looking at things. Hmm...)

That said, I'm sure Coke would not be keen to press parallels. Anyway, I'm certainly not suggesting that the 'dear leader' dress up as a polar bear, though would that drive the darkly amusing (at times, though one can't cut out the serious angles) aspects of North Korean surreality to new levels.

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