Liquid profit: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO tops US drinks rich list


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Posted by Sue Knaub,

I really like cherry coke zero but now Pepsi makes diet cherry Pepsi with splenda instead of aspertaine which is better for you I would really rather have coke zero do you think you could use s spenda instead ? Please consider

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US Soft Drink Giants

Posted by Bernie Moran,

Glad to see that the bod at CCE continues to do their job so well. Shareholders must be thrilled to see that their dollars go to reward the top executives, while 750 families must figure out a way to put food on the table, a roof over their heads and pay college tuition and all the other expenses that 99% of us lose sleep over.

These executives write the rules in these contracts, gain approval from a Board of Directors, who for the most part are their country club buddies or neighbors, while the people who lost their jobs, most of them probably had received positive reviews from their managers, are left shaking their heads asking themselves, "What could I have done better?"...

I have a question, did the shareholders receive an increase in their dividends equal to the percentage increase in John Brock's salary? John, Muhtar, Indra and Larry didn't invent or create their respective brands. They have been asked to manage, develop and protect the brands and companies that they lead...for this they are compensated.

If they are doing such a great job, how come their are 750 people out on the street...maybe these boards should write into these work contracts with CEO' many leaders did you develop?

Did we keep everyone working and motivated to sell more of our products this year vs last year. Have we created the next Pepsi, Coke or Snapple under your leadership? If they can answer positively to these questions, then each of them deserve to be rewarded handsomely...otherwise shame on their respective boards and on each of them.

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