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Vitamin K2 (K2VITAL™),  Calcium (AlgaeCal™, PressCAL™),  Magnesium (PressMag™),  Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM™) and more bone health, joint health and cardio health products from Germany.



>>> Organic plant-source Calcium | AlgaeCal™ |

>>> Calcium carbonate | PressCAL™ |

>>> Calcium citrate

>>> Calcium glycerophosphate

>>> Calcium phosphate | A-Comprez™, DI-Comprez™, TRI-Comprez™ |



>>> Magnesium carbonate | PressMAG™ |

>>> Magnesium citrate

>>> Magnesium glycerophosphate

>>> Magnesium oxide



>>> Vitamin A

>>> Vitamin D3

>>> Vitamin K2 MK-7 | K2VITAL™ |


Glycosaminoglycans & Glucosamine

>>> Natural Eggshell Membran | NEM™ |

>>> Chondroitin sulphate

>>> Glucosamin hydrochloride

>>> Glucosamin sulphate 2KCL


Dietary Fiber

>>> Konjac Gum

>>> Yeast-Mannan-Glucan (2:1)


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