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Anhydro A/S


Ever-changing consumer tastes and trends combined with increasing globalization mean that breweries face the need for consistent and cost-effective quality and performance as well as proactive new product development in order to sustain and expand their competitive position.

Anhydro is a global supplier of a complete range of liquid concentration and powder processing solutions as well as dewatering plant and equipment for the international alcohol, brewery, dairy, food and beverage, ethanol, starch, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Anhydro provides a wide range of drying and evaporation solutions including spray dryers, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, disc dryers, tube bundle dryers and dryers for pharmaceutical applications. Anhydro dryers range from small-scale plant to large-scale industrial manufacturing plant.

Brewery equipment

Anhydro provides complete solutions for buffering, conveying, dewatering and drying of spent grains as well as yeast drying equipment, such as:

· Buffer tanks

· Pneumatic conveying system for spent grains

· Storage silos

· Vetter Screw Presses

· Vetter Tube Bundle Dryers

· Vetter Yeast Dryers

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