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Cranberry extract near match for antibiotic UTI potential - study

A cranberry extract may play some role in supplementing use of the antibiotic Trimethoprim for prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in older women, according to a new study.

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Viscosity probe is functional and low maintenance, says Hydramotion

New on-line viscosity measuring equipment is more flexible to position than similar tools on the market, and also eliminates maintenance costs, said the UK based manufacturer.

MillerCoors' brand falls in US caffeine crackdown

MillerCoors has become the latest brewer to bow to pressure from authorities after voluntarily agreeing to reformulate its caffeinated beer products amidst wider national crackdowns on stimulant beverages.


Obesity: A taxing solution

Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes, conveniently forgetting the human race’s desire to avoid both inconveniences at any cost.

Software upgrade enhances plant safety, says developer

An upgraded version of a health and safety management software application allows food and drink processors to track incidents and hazards and also aids inspections and corrective action, says TRA.

2008 round up: most popular food safety stories

FoodProductionDaily’s review of the articles that sparked most interest in you the readers continues today with the most viewed pieces in the food safety area.

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Benecol buys into Thailand

Finnish group Raisio has entered Thailand- its third Asian market - following a deal with a Thai-based company that will see its cholesterol-lowering, plant stanol ingredient featuring in a beverage...

Video season's greetings from Decision News Media

The Decision News Media team would like to bring you its seasonal greetings in person and show you around the offices.

Own Label Show to spur buoyant UK sector

The UK is set to have its first Own Label Show next November, billed as a forum for sourcing new product lines, finding partners and tracking developments.

Coke seeks sterol juice approval Down Under

Coca-Cola South Pacific has applied to the joint regulator in Australia and New Zealand to allow phytosterols to be added to fruit juice drinks in the two countries.

InBev upbeat despite losing latest ‘Budweiser’ battle

Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the newly formed brewing power house, insists that a ruling in favour of a Czech Republic-based rival over marketing will not set back its global aims for the...

Use of TiN nanoparticles in PET bottles not toxic, says EFSA

The specific use of titanium nitride (TiN) nanoparticles in a material used to make polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic drinks bottles did not give rise to toxicological concern, claims a scientific...

Stevia sweetener gets US FDA go-ahead

The FDA has given the long-awaited green light for Reb A, the sweetener made from the stevia leaf, to be used in food and beverages - opening the flood gates...

Study raises fruit juice pesticide-concerns

Manufacturers of juice and other fruit-based beverages may need to rethink how they make their products amidst fears over the level of pesticides that may reside on their ingredients, suggests...

New computer program aids food safety certification

Complying with Global Food Safety Initiative standards will become much easier for food suppliers with the launch of a new computer program, claims its manufacturer Integrated Management Information.

FDA to undertake further research on BPA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said yesterday it has no plans to review its stance on bisphenol A (BPA), but will continue to research the chemical found in...

Nitrogen blasting designed for beer shelf life boost

A supplier of liquid nitrogen fobbing devices to improve the shelf life of carbonated beverages claims recent developments to its technology can ensure more cost and hygiene-efficient capping.

Carbonated drinks braced for ‘economic storm’

While leading soft drink groups continue to pledge a path towards product diversification, the often-criticised carbonated drink will continue to undergo sales growth despite wider economic worries, says a new...


Why is food science the ‘baddie' for consumers?

It sometimes seems as if life is a pantomime, and food science is the baddie, complete with boos and hisses from the audience.

Prepare now for new additive and enzyme regulations

Companies should check now whether their additives, enzymes and flavourings comply with the EU’s new Food Improvement Agent Package, says Xavier Lavigne, food law manager with nutrition policy consultancy EAS....

Coca-Cola could launch stevia drink ahead of FDA GRAS

Coca-Cola is expected to launch a drink sweetened with stevia in the US this week, according to reports, but there is still no word from the FDA on GRAS status.

News in brief

Rexam aims to tackle overcapacity in US market

Rexam said that it is to make further reductions in its 12oz beverage can making operations in the US to address overcapacity in that market.

Looking to the future for biomaterial supply

Stefano Cavallo looks to the future for biomaterial supply.

Companies taking their own approach in playing up end of life messages

Stefano Cavallo discusses how companies can take their own approach in advertising the end of life benefits of packaging.

Processors to bear brunt of supermarket slashing - expert

Beverage and food manufacturers are likely to have to bear the brunt of a price war that is driving leading global retailers to increasingly turn to suppliers of discounted brands,...

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