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More evidence for tea's anticancer potential

Teas, both green and black, have potent anti-cancer effects against a wide range of tumours, says a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture that adds to an...

World coffee production on the rise, but stocks remain low

World coffee production is estimated to increase next year, after improved weather and better yields contributed to a larger coffee crop in a number of producing countries, according to the...

Grim tidings for Japan functional drinks market

Functional and energy drinks in Japan are coming under pressure from perceived healthy options such as ready-to-drink teas, mineral water and tonic drinks, according to a recent report from Euromonitor...

Sherry is not just for Santa and grandmas

Rumours are growing that Sherry, a favourite with Santa and medieval kings but for years confined to the dark corners of old peoples' drinks cabinets, is once again on the...

Kirin, SAB Miller expand presence in China

SABMiller, one of the world's biggest brewers, is establishing a major presence in China through its joint venture China Resources Snow Breweries, which last week said it would acquire two...

Rank makes bid for SIG as part of global strategy

A €1.5 billion offer for Switzerland-based SIG Holding marks an attempt by a New Zealandbillionaire to put together a global force in packaging.

UK regulator reviews inspection, enforcement policies

Local authorities in the UK will get new inspection and regulatory powers in the future, thecountry's food agency said yesterday in announcing a review of the current system.

Pernod Ricard drinks to carry warning labels

All alcoholic drinks sold by Pernod Ricard in the European Union are to carry warnings for pregnant women, raising the bar for competitors on responsible drinking promotion.

Coffee prices recovering after years of crisis

The coffee market recorded a significant rise in Arabica prices in November, while Robusta prices rose only slightly according to the ICO.

Diageo and co missing UK whisky gap

A blended whisky owned by drinks group Diageo has been crowned the best Scotch in the world, but consumers in Britain were unlikely to get a sniff, according to judge...

Weekly Comment

Response and Responsibility

Bah, Humbug! It has been that kind of year in general for the food industry, and in particular for some major companies.

Kraft drinks escape benzene lawsuit

Lawsuits alleging soft drinks made by Kraft Foods may contain the cancer-causing chemical, benzene, have been dismissed after the group said it had reformulated products.

Sun texture printing makes packaging reach out

A new range of inks and lacquers adds texture to the surface of packaging, giving processors an additional means of reaching out and grabbing consumers.

Wild identifies key three beverage trends

The growth rate for beverages following trends towards healthy, natural and single portion drinks is set to continue, claims Wild.

False claims see Pomegreat juice ad dropped

An advert for pomegranate juice has been dropped in the UK after the country's advert watchdog ruled it made illegal medicinal claims.

Sugar-gelatin alternative to pure gum Arabic developed

A matrix of sucrose, gelatin and gum Arabic can successfully encapsulate citrus flavours, and offer potential as a cheaper alternative to pure gum Arabic for the process.

Ozone jet washer helps firms clean-up

A new power washer, using ozone mixed with cold water to decontaminate food processing premises, will reduce costs and help the environment, its manufacturer claims.

French wine 'radicals' threaten more violence

Violence around southern France's vineyards could worsen next year as more radical groups of winemakers emerge, angry at the region's ongoing economic problems, one source has warned.

Sainsbury's launches healthy wine

Sainsbury's is cashing in on healthy eating and drinking trends by launching a new wine that is good for your heart.

Weekly Comment

Trans Fats: A Farewell to Harm

There's no way but out for heart-damaging trans fatty acids, and procrastinators in the food industry will achieve nothing by delaying reformulation other than lagging behind in the game as...

EFSA calls for data on food colours

Europe's food safety authority has called for data on food colours as part of a systematic re-evaluation of all authorised food additives in the EU.

More support for coffee's anti-diabetes benefits

Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day could cut the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by over 23 per cent, say American and Finnish researchers.

Beverage firms accused of unfair profits from school vending

The majority of the revenue from US school beverage contracts goes to beverage firms and not schools, according to a new report, which claims its findings should encourage schools to...

Enviga lawsuit hangs over Coke, Nestlé

Coca-Cola and Nestlé face a potential lawsuit in the US over claims that their new Enviga energy drink can help consumers burn off calories.

UK Chancellor pushes carbon trading expansion

The development of a global carbon trading scheme and investment in biofuels were two central strategies put forward by the UK Chancellor on Wednesday to halt climate change.

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