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News in brief

Budweiser Prohibition to launch in the UK

AB InBev’s alcohol-free Budweiser Prohibition will be launched in the UK later this year.

Glanbia adds protein punch to hot drinks with heat stable & soluble hydrolyzed whey protein

With protein seeing continued interest from mainstream consumers, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched ProTherma: a hydrolyzed whey protein that can withstand high temperatures and therefore offer a protein punch in everyday...

Craft brewers are no lightweights in alcohol-free beer trend

It’s not just the big brands who are staking a claim in the NABLAB (non-alcoholic beer and low-alcoholic beer) sector; craft brewers such as UK-based St Peter’s are courting consumers...


Industry leaders on edge after Duterte vows to abolish sugar promoter

Industry heads are resigned to the fate of their segment’s official promoter, which the Philippines president recently vowed to close in a bid to streamline government and curb corruption.

Eco-friendly beverage technology startup Lavit looks to enter US residential market

Lavit aims to make drinking water more varied and personal with its patented single-serve cold beverage water cooler that allows users to create chilled, filtered, better-for-you beverages; and plans to...

Love Taste Co. on ‘explosion’ in demand for veggie smoothies

Love Taste Co. started as a smoothie stall in London’s Borough Market. Today, it generates retail sales approaching £40m a year. Founder Richard Canterbury talks growth, flavour trends and the...

drinktec 2017

Tetra Pak highlights end-to-end beverage production solutions at drinktec 2017

Tetra Pak is highlighting various end-to-end production solutions for the manufacturing of still and carbonated beverages at drinktec 2017 this week (Munich, Sept 11-15). 

FI Asia 2017

Healthy ageing NPD in Asia: Can functional foods follow supplements’ lead?

The vast majority of new product launches targetting the main health concerns for seniors remain in the supplement space, with analysts arguing there is vast potential for the region’s food...

fairlife ultra-filtered milk sales surged 79% in 2016; Core Power and Yup! to be brought under fairlife brand umbrella

Dollar sales of Coca-Cola-backed high-protein milk fairlife grew 79% in 2016, as consumers continued to trade up in the fluid milk category.

Indian start-up's new civet dung coffee is no flash in the pan

India has made its first foray into fecal coffee, albeit at a scale that will not flush away Indonesia, its biggest producer.

Grape prospects for European varietals as Australian wine drinkers diversify

Young Australian wine drinkers are developing wide varietal repertoires and embracing European varietals such as Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Gewürztraminer and Moscato, says Wine Intelligence.

‘Consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin of the products they are buying’

CSB-System IT enterprise is creating 150 jobs at its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, as it plans to opens offices in Brazil, China and South Korea.

Pack Expo 2017

Claranor launches chemical-free sterilization process for HDPE Bottles

Claranor has launched a chemical-free sterilization process for HDPE bottles and caps for beverage and dairy and will debut the technology at Pack Expo.

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha expands 5.6% ABV beverage line

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha’s 5.6% ABV line is expanding its distribution and flavor offerings aiming to take the alcoholic fermented beverage nationwide in the US by mid-2018, the company said. ...

Coca-Cola: ‘Most growth dollars in beverages are still going to come from sparkling.’

Despite declining soda consumption and sugar sweetened beverage taxes going into effect across the US, Coca-Cola saw its soda revenue rise 4% in 2016 thanks to smaller packaging.

Unilever adds Pukka Herbs to portfolio as part of ethical product drive

Unilever has bought organic herbal tea business, Pukka Herbs tea in the latest addition to a stable of brands that reflect its commitment to ethical practices and meet consumer demand...

News in brief

McDonald’s & Coca-Cola partner on RTD coffee

McDonald’s USA is to introduce a line of RTD McCafé Frappé beverages for retail, in a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company. 

Aussies consuming more alcohol for first time since 2007

Australians have been drinking more alcohol for the first time in a decade, fuelled by a growing taste for craft beers and cider.

Guest article

‘The pendulum is swinging towards in-house sustainable sourcing’

‘One of the most difficult issues associated with sustainable sourcing is whether companies should adopt third party standards or develop in-house schemes.

Global beer market trends

Euromonitor: Chinese stout market to reach 659 million liters in 2021

The world drank 193bn liters of beer in 2016, according to Euromonitor International.

Guest article

Nutritional dairy beverages

Nutritional beverage (Nutri-Bev) is a new example of product crossover between the dairy and food & beverage industries.

MEP sounds isoglucose health warning as EU quotas end

At the end of the month, the EU sugar regime will end, liberalising the market after nearly 50 years of production quotas. But one MEP is questioning whether the Commission...

Macb expands water recall due to spoilage

Macb has expanded a recall of flavoured water months after initial action was taken due to a ‘quality issue’.


Linfox buys out Lion from BevChain distribution joint-venture

Australian logistics major Linfox has bought out Lion’s 50% stake in BevChain for an undisclosed sum and will take full control of the drinks distribution and warehousing group.

drinktec 2017 preview

Gebo Cermex embraces the ‘Factory of the Future’ with AQFlex

Gebo Cermex, part of the Sidel Group, has reinvented the design of packaging lines with AQFlex.

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