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Drink group says Scottish strictness is spreading

National governments are increasingly taking the lead from Scotland in looking to clamp down on the sales and marketing practices of alcoholic drinks makers, throwing further uncertainty over their livelihoods,...

Combination information targeting wine quality

DSM says it continues to research the impacts of combining certain of its enzymes in a bid to provide benefits to winemakers in meeting specific texture or taste requirements during...


Obama’s veg plots point the way to healthy eating and more

“If you don’t plan to plant a garden in Lake Wobegon in the spring, it means you plan to be planted yourself.”

Ocean Spray unveils cost-conscious cranberry range

Ocean Spray's Ingredient Technology Group has formulated a lower cost sweetened dried cranberry (SDC) product to meet demand for cost-effective and value-added ingredients in the face of rising commodity prices.

Bottled water producers dismiss hormone mimic claim

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has said there is no evidence to support the claim by researchers based at the Goethe University in Frankfurt that water bottles contaminate drinking...

Sweetened beverages may raise women’s heart disease risk

Women who drink two or more servings of sweetened beverages per day may increase their risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, says a new study.

Beer and wine in moderation could aid bone density - study

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages could have benefits for bone health, though any potential impacts may be lost upon continued drinking, according to new research.

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Tata says hello to branded tea plans

India-based Tata Tea says that it is looking to develop a common brand identity for its core flagship beverage products, which include bottled water, as part of a wider shake...

Commission gains blended rose regulations approval

The European Commission says it has obtained member state support for new draft regulations relating to the labelling and blending of rose wines in attempts to better compete on the...

Bid to break deadlock on EU haulage tax

The Czech presidency has tabled a compromise proposal to delay the implementation of congestion charges for freight haulage companies by four years to break deadlocked talks on the revision of...

Robotics supplier now focusing on food sector

Robotic technology, which featured largely at the recent Anuga FoodTec trade show, has untapped potential to improve productivity, increase product yield and bring greater flexibility to the food manufacturing production...

GSB launch claims to cut the sugar, but keep the taste

Growing concern in the US over health conditions such as obesity and fears regarding production costs have led to the development of a new ingredient its manufacturer claims can reduce...

Finding the over-50s functional foods market

The over-50s have peculiar nutrition needs that, increasingly, are being catered to by functional foods makers as Shane Starling found out at a recent conference on the subject in...

Drink and drug advances target anti-counterfeit potential

Preventing the availability of counterfeit goods on the global consumer market has led one supplier of pharmaceutical protection systems team up with beverage industry counterparts for ongoing developments.

European stevia firm to build Paraguay plant

Granular, a European stevia producer, has entered into a joint partnership to build a refinery for the natural sweetener in South America which it said will be environmentally neutral.

Carlsberg upbeat despite eastern finance fears

Eastern European markets like Russia have been a key driver for brewers’ sales in recent years, though as governments in the West look to help prop up some economies in...


Omega-3: Fishing for alternatives

Short of an earth-bound deity walking amongst us and miraculously multiplying our fish stocks, industry must invest more in alternative sources of omega-3 to meet nutritional needs.

New findings challenge studies linking mercury to HFCS - CRA

Results from third-party testing conducted on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from all the production facilities in the US and Canada show that no quantifiable levels of mercury were detected...

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Food Commission seeks celebs to sign no junk ad charter

The UK’s Food Commission is introducing a charter for celebrities who want to pledge they will not use their image to promote foods high in fat, saturated fat, sugar or...

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Coca-Cola fails with Huiyuan ambitions

Coca-Cola has announced that a proposed acquisition of the China-based juice manufacturer Huiyuan will not go ahead following failure to obtain approval from the China Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

New aseptic package aims to meet lightweighting trend caught up with Sweden-based manufacturer Ecolean as it unveiled its new lightweight aseptic packaging system for liquid food products in Cologne.

EU set for (yet more) nutrient profiling delays

The European Commission is no closer to finalising a nutrient profiling criteria that will govern which foods and beverages can make health and nutrition claims, according to a Commission official...

No Innocent interest in niche US smoothie market

With the US market for fruit-based smoothie drinks expected to undergo continued growth over the coming years, the reported interest of Coca-Cola in UK-based drink group Innocent could seem timely.

Snack Size Science: Coffee stirs up gut health promise

NutraIngredient’s Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science. This week we spill the beans on the potential of coffee to boost levels of beneficial bacteria in our guts....

News in brief

UK drinking down amidst pub future fears

UK Alcohol consumption has fallen by three per cent during 2008, according to figures compiled by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA).

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