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Very good reporting. Thank you so much for posting this. :) The journey to true health continues!

Posted by Deloris
18 January 2013 | 15h03

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Back to: Academic Nestle slams Coke for ‘astonishing chutzpah’ on obesity


Hydrating news! 2014 waters round-up

Hydrating news! 2014 waters round-up

Fresh from the Zenith International Premium Waters conference in Dubai, we've selected a handful of this year's...

Soft drink trends, opportunities and challenges: Euromonitor
In-depth on carbonates with Euromonitor International

Want your fizz back? Get into the water aisle, go retro and hit new day parts, say experts

Carbonates will never return to the buzz of the 80s but beverage makers can inject life back...

Soft drink depression link in China

Soft drinks linked to depressive symptoms among Chinese adults: Study

Higher consumption of soft drinks correlates with higher prevalence of depressive symptoms, according to a cross-sectional study...

Excite and hydrate consumers, Premium Waters conference hears

'Excite and hydrate consumers', BeverageDaily tells Premium Waters conference

Premium bottled water producers must excite as well as hydrate consumers, delegates at the Zenith International Premium...

Brighter outlook for carbonated soft drinks: Analyst

Brighter outlook for CSDs but diet versions continue to lose fizz, says analyst

Executives at the top carbonated soft drink firms are more positive on the future of the category...

White tea: Antioxidant, anticancer properties

White tea packs antioxidant punch against colon cancer: Study

White tea could slow the spread of colon cancer cells thanks to its antioxidant properties, claim researchers.