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Shelf life is not an issue for wine can consumers – Ball Packaging

By Mark Astley, 20-Nov-2012

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A maximum shelf life of one year will not be an issue for wine can consumers, Ball Packaging’s sales director for Benelux and Scandinavia Gerlof Toenhake told reporter Mark Astley.

Speaking with and at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Toenhake denied that the limited shelf life of the firm’s new wine can will be an issue for drinkers that are used long-life wine bottles.

“We don’t see it as an issue to have a shelf life on the wine,” he said.

“We have long shelf life, that’s why we made a special wine can to increase the shelf-life. We now have one year, and that’s on the safe side. We could easily aim for two years.”

Toenhake added that the can is selling well in Northern Europe – particularly in Germany – and has received “very positive feedback” from the wine industry.