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Breakthrough CIP cleaning tech ‘more progressive than prog rock’: Radical Waters

By Ben Bouckley, 07-Nov-2012

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Carla Fiford, of Radical Waters, tells Ben Bouckley at InterBev 2012 why Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) is a ‘breakthrough’ cleaning technology that brings beverage bottlers cost and sustainability benefits.

Speaking in Las Vegas, Fiford, who is MD of Radical Waters, said that electrochemical activation of water involves mixing water with salt, then passing the brine solution through patented reactors to produce an onsite detergent and sanitizer for drinks plants to use in cleaning in place (CIP) processes.

“The exciting part about this is that it’s green, it replaces all chemicals in the plant and significantly reduces water and heat usage, and it reduces the time it takes to do a CIP between different brands of beverages,” Fiford said.

Strong deliverables

Microbiological performance compared bettered traditional detergents and sanitizers, she added, since microbes (bacteria, molds, fungi and biofilm) had built up chemical resistance to the latter.

Typical payback time for a very busy beverage plant was less than two years, Fiford said: “You’re also showing water savings of 64%, and in terms of sustainability there is great pressure on beverage manufacturers – be they brewers or carbonated soft drink makers – to reduce water ratios.

“So your payback is sustainability plus a financial payback of less than two years,” she added.