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'Unique' bottle dosing and dispensing cap boosts brand visibility: Tap the Cap

By Ben Bouckley, 24-Oct-2012

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Tap The Cap is a universal dosing and dispensing cap pre-filled with powder that offers firms a branding platform, since consumers can use it to 'enhance' their favorite bottled water in numerous ways, the system's founder and co-inventor, Chris Simonian, tells Ben Bouckley in Vegas.

Speaking to at InterBev 2012, Simonian said: "The main benefit to the branded company is that the cap stays on the bottle. So what does that mean? Well, if you were to market your product in a stick pack, once the consumer has torn the stick pack...they toss it away. There goes your brand.

"But the cap stays on the bottle, so wherever the consumer goes your brand goes with them. And there's obviously no better branding than watching consumers use your product," he added.