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'Jackpot justice' legal claims: Firewall strategies for beverage brands

By Ben Bouckley, 23-Oct-2012

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Renowned attorney Justin Prochnow talks to Ben Bouckley in Las Vegas about the threat class actions pose to beverage brands, from 'all natural' cases to a new wave of flavor characterization claims, and firewall strategies firms can use to scupper that potential multi-million dollar shakedown...

Prochnow, from Greenberg Traurig, spoke to after giving a presentation at InterBev 2012 entitled: 'The Beverage Industry's Biggest Threat: Jackpot Justice Legal Claims (And How to Defuse Them)'.

"It [the recent class action suit wave] has really become, if not the biggest, then one of the biggest problems for companies in the food, beverage, supplement industry," Prochnow said.

"When we talk about beverages - I talk about them both in terms of beverages and liquid supplements, because they're very similar in a lot of cases."