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Green packaging still facing barriers to growth, report

Food companies wanting to swap plastic packaging for biomass polymer-based alternatives to stress their green credentials still face a number of barriers, according to a new report.

Challenges ahead for brewers' 'green' beer drive

'Green' beer may not appear to be much of a priority for brewers, but the industry is nonetheless having to wake up to the need for sustainable production, a leading...

Hybrid packaging designed for green benefits

New re-sealable packaging for beverages, designed as a hybrid between a bottle, can and pouch, offers processors both environmental and convenience benefits for their products, according to its manufacturer.

Oil prices fuels coffee sustainability concerns

High oil prices are set to exacerbate coffee supply concerns by deterring growers from using fertilizers in cultivating the crop, according to new figures from the International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

Industry outlines policy on environmental, production sustainability

In a policy document released yesterday, the EU's food and drink sector called on the European Commission to take account of economic conditions when setting environmental and production sustainability targets...

Diageo pledges green future for the black stuff

Diageo's Guinness brand received a boost yesterday as its attempt to go green paid off amidst growing uncertainty over the future of the beverage and its famous Dublin-based production plant.

Britvic commit to green packaging pledge

Britvic announced Friday that it will commit to a UK-based scheme designed to cut packaging waste from its products as part of an agreement with the Waste & Resource Action...

Coca-Cola reforms to tap water sustainability calls

Coca-Cola today pledged to overhaul how it uses water throughout its operations and bottling franchises in a drive for greater environmental sustainability.

New technology makes beer green

Australian brewer Fosters is doing its bit to go green by adopting a new brewing technology that produces energy via waste products.

Commission takes tough line on greenhouse gas emissions

In a bid to hold down greenhouse gas emissions under the bloc's carbon dioxide trading scheme the European Commission yesterday ordered Belgium and Holland to cap allowances below what their...

World Food Day

Film gives coffee firms a roasting on sustainability

Buying practices of the world's biggest coffee companies have come under renewed public scrutiny from a new film which explores the journey of coffee beans from plantation to cup.

New technology targets diet soft drinks makers

Soft drinks makers looking to replace sugar with sweeteners to reach health-conscious consumers could save time and money with an award-winning new technology from UK supplier Pursuit Dynamics, reports Chris...

Cost-saving insulation promises a greener future

A new environmentally friendly form of insulation for packaging and freezing applications provides between five and seven times the insulation capacity over current technologies, writes Anthony Fletcher.

EU to promote plant sustainability

European companies and researchers should share the profits made on products using exotic plants such as ginseng and green tea with the countries of origin, urges a European Commission communication...

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