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Flexibility and sustainability dictate sports cap development

Greater flexibility in the application and sustainability of sports caps for use on beverage packs remains at the heart of ongoing development in the segment, according to one product supplier.

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Sodastream plays up gas-it-yourself green benefits

Sodastream, a supplier of drink making machines that allow consumers to gas their own carbonated beverages at leisure, is kicking off a new promotion suggesting it may hold the answer...

Green tea may protect gums against disease

Consuming green tea may offer protection against gum disease, a condition that may affect over 30 per cent of the population, suggests a new study from Japan.

Industry must look beyond 'non-green' pack notion - INCPEN

The food and beverage industry must move away from the notion of green and non-green packaging and accept that various materials, be they bio- or oil-based plastics, can have unique...

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Unit could drive food and drink industry sustainability

A new winery, brewery and food processing teaching and research facility will serve as a model for what the industries can achieve in environmental and energy efficiency, claims University of...

Greener package design could cut costs

An updated guide on the recyclability of plastic packaging can ensure savings for companies and includes chapters on recent developments in bioplastics and mixed plastics, say the publishers.

Can steel meet the sustainability challenge?

Philippe Wolper, managing director, APEAL, outlines the green properties of steel for food and drink packaging.

Packagers should go green to keep profits in the black

Food packaging companies must implement sustainable environmental strategies or risk income falls of more than 30 per cent by 2013 and nearly 50 per cent by 2018, warns a new...

Spotlight on UK food and drink firms' green initiatives

UK food and drink manufacturers have reduced their CO2 emissions by 17 per cent since 1990, which translates as an average of 58,000 tonnes less carbon dixoide (CO2) annually, claims the FDF. 

Metallic compostable pack may herald green drink development

Recent developments in ‘metallised’ compostable packaging, developed in cooperation with a US drinks group, may lead to further advances for global use in beverage products like coffees and tea, claims...

Europe looking beyond recycling in drink sustainability push

As groups like Coca-Cola push ahead with new consumer-targeted recycling schemes in the US, their European counterparts claim to favour a different approach to help ensure environmental sustainability.

Light-weighting is key sustainability driver for Sonoco

Light-weight packaging is one of a number of initiatives global packager Sonoco is employing to cut its environmental footprint and production costs, claims the company in its first annual sustainability...

Ball gets rolling on pack sustainability

Global packager Ball has outlined a number of initiatives designed to slash the environmental impacts and production costs of its operations as part of its first annual sustainability report.

Value of sustainability to be studied as emissions cuts rewarded

As the UK's Carbon Trust initiates a scheme to reward companies for genuine carbon emission reduction, a new study will determine how influential a company's sustainability image is in terms...

Sidel initiative to help processor sustainability, says firm

French equipment and packaging supplier, Sidel, said it has created the new post of sustainable development officer within the company to help its customers reach their individual sustainability targets.

Sustainability key to bottling line design, says Sidel

Sustainability issues are the drivers behind the new lightweight PET bottling line and robotic palletizing equipment from Sidel, claims the company.

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Green success requires sustainable consumers

In the final part of our series on major developments at this year's Interpack trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, examines the threats and challenges to non-renewable packaging like aluminium....

Green packaging still facing barriers to growth, report

Food companies wanting to swap plastic packaging for biomass polymer-based alternatives to stress their green credentials still face a number of barriers, according to a new report.

Challenges ahead for brewers' 'green' beer drive

'Green' beer may not appear to be much of a priority for brewers, but the industry is nonetheless having to wake up to the need for sustainable production, a leading...

Hybrid packaging designed for green benefits

New re-sealable packaging for beverages, designed as a hybrid between a bottle, can and pouch, offers processors both environmental and convenience benefits for their products, according to its manufacturer.

Oil prices fuels coffee sustainability concerns

High oil prices are set to exacerbate coffee supply concerns by deterring growers from using fertilizers in cultivating the crop, according to new figures from the International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

Industry outlines policy on environmental, production sustainability

In a policy document released yesterday, the EU's food and drink sector called on the European Commission to take account of economic conditions when setting environmental and production sustainability targets...

Diageo pledges green future for the black stuff

Diageo's Guinness brand received a boost yesterday as its attempt to go green paid off amidst growing uncertainty over the future of the beverage and its famous Dublin-based production plant.

Britvic commit to green packaging pledge

Britvic announced Friday that it will commit to a UK-based scheme designed to cut packaging waste from its products as part of an agreement with the Waste & Resource Action...

Coca-Cola reforms to tap water sustainability calls

Coca-Cola today pledged to overhaul how it uses water throughout its operations and bottling franchises in a drive for greater environmental sustainability.

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