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Health and Wellness

Complaints about caffeine in energy drinks, consumer concerns over artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, fears of childhood obesity due to sugar in soft drinks. The beverage industry is under massive pressure to reformulate old favorites (enter Coca-Cola Life, Pepsi NEXT) and launch natural, healthier-for-you products with fewer calories and no 'nasties'.

5 Booms to Shake the Beverage Room in 2014!

Here are five global beverage trends that could shake up everything from soda to smoothies in 2014, as tea goes glam and consumers grow more cynical and health conscious.

Dynamism in Drinks: Personality of the Year 2013

Click through the nominees for the inaugural Beverage Personality of the Year, then vote to tell us who you think should triumph!


10 Lordly Questions A-Leaping! Tackle's Xmas quiz...

How well do you know the beverage industry? Our special Christmas quiz that covers everything from Muhtar Kent to Perrier and 'White Coke'. See if you can top the leaderboard!

News in brief

Flexitarianism to be next ‘mega trend’

Flexitarianism will be the next ‘mega trend’ leading to sales of vegetarian foods in the UK to grow by 10% by 2016, according to food trends agency The Food People.


Perrier site manager salutes ‘huge’ US slim can success

Perrier factory manager Bernard Rouger insists that Nestlé Waters’ brand’s new 250ml slim can format has been a huge success in the US and Canada, and will be launched in...

‘Sub 10.5% ABV wines can Rule Britannia!’: New Zealand government

The New Zealand government insists that the British are increasingly keen on sub 10.5% ABV wines as it backs a NZ $16.97m investment in lower alcohol wines, but there is...


‘Perrier knows no limits’: Vergèze factory manager

Perrier site manager Bernard Rouger insists that there are no supply limitations as Nestle Waters’ iconic French sparkling water brand breaks the 1.1bn unit barrier in 2013.

Analyst tips Coke to ride out shocking US diet soda slump

US analyst Bonnie Herzog predicts that diet soda sales declines could fuel a 15-20% drop in overall US carbonated soft drink sales by 2020 but believes Coke is best-positioned to...

Diet drinks and satiety: Kids don’t compensate for missing calories from other sources, says study

Sugar-sweetened and sugar-free beverages produce similar satiety in children, says a new study that challenges the oft-quoted hypothesis that artificially sweetened drinks make people crave sweeter foods or serve as...


Arla’s Danish ‘bubble latte’ launch sees Dohler look beyond tea

The launch of Arla’s Bubble Latte beverage range in Denmark this summer shows future for bubbles as a dairy product addition beyond the short-lived bubble tea craze, according to Dohler....

Danone to 'Brogurt': New directions in functional dairy 2013

We cast an eye over key dairy NPD in 2013, as Powerful Yogurt flexes its ‘brogurt’ muscles and one startup hopes its German-style quark can sweat a new US dairy category.


‘I’m a Bai-liever!’ Dr Pepper backed brand Bai 5 scores $20m sales

The CEO of breakthrough coffee fruit-based soft drinks brand Bai 5 reveals his brand grew 400% in the past year but says he worries less about case sales than converting ‘Bai-lievers’.

Energy drink study leader: We did not state that a short-term increase in heart contraction rate is a health concern

The lead researcher behind a high-profile paper showing energy drinks increase heart contraction rates has rejected claims by Monster Beverage Corp that the paper is ‘alarmist’ and stressed that “whether...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Arsenal FC nutritionist: ‘Food supplements have a big part to play.’

James Collins, bespoke nutritionist at Arsenal Football Club and with other elite athletes, says food supplements and sports nutrition products are highly important to top athletes - so important their...

Stevia companies target half-sugar soft drinks

The taste of stevia-derived sweeteners has come a long way in just a few short years, and the major stevia suppliers are now focusing on cutting sugar by half in...

News in brief

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Dispatches from #FIE2013

Protein has a big ‘ordinary’ future, says Glanbia

Irish dairy ingredients specialist Glanbia Nutritionals once filled its sights almost exclusively with the sports nutrition sector, but the explosion of interest in protein means the ‘ordinary’ mainstream food industry...

Dr Pepper's High 5 with Bai 5! Coffee fruit drink launched across US

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has signed a deal with Princeton-based brand Bai 5 to extend distribution of the low calorie coffee berry-sweetened beverage across the US in 2014.

Artificial sweeteners are safe and effective tools for weight management, says obesity specialist

While consumer concerns over artificial sweeteners have been blamed - in part - for the funk the diet soda market currently finds itself in (click here ), the fact remains that...

Carbonates and RTD tea driving stevia’s EU development – PureCircle

Europe is the epicentre of stevia-based beverage launches, and the sector is driving development of the all-natural sweetener, according to major supplier PureCircle.


‘We're selling the sex appeal of vitality’: Coke-backed dairy drinks brand Core Power

The CEO of Core Power – the first US dairy brand Coke invested in directly – says his firm is selling the ‘sex appeal of vitality’ with its high protein...

Hain Celestial targeted in unusual false advertising lawsuit over ‘100% natural’ teas allegedly containing pesticide residues above legal thresholds

Hain Celestial has been targeted in a first-if-its-kind putative class action lawsuit alleging that it falsely advertised Celestial Seasoning teas as 100% natural when they in fact contain “potentially dangerous”...


The Bud Light Lime-a-Rita effect: Fruit-flavored beers woo women

The US beer market is losing ground to spirits and wine among its core consumer groups but fruit-flavored brands such as AB InBev’s Bud Light Lime-a-Rita are attracting new female...

News in brief

Boulder Brands spends $8.8m on Suja juice: ‘One of the hottest Whole Foods brands’

Boulder Brands believes the future is bright for high pressure processing (HPP) treated fruit juice after snapping up an $8.8m stake in Californian juice brand Suja.

'Wriggle room' for trendy coconut water despite rising nut prices – Mintel

Mintel analyst Jonny Forsyth believes that trendy coconut water brands – Vita Coco, Zico, O.N.E etc. – have quite a lot of cost management ‘wriggle room’ due to their high...

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