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Health and Wellness

Complaints about caffeine in energy drinks, consumer concerns over artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, fears of childhood obesity due to sugar in soft drinks. The beverage industry is under massive pressure to reformulate old favorites (enter Coca-Cola Life, Pepsi NEXT) and launch natural, healthier-for-you products with fewer calories and no 'nasties'.


Fixing the fizz: Something's sticky in the state of US soda...

So who'll clear up the mess? Big soda is unfairly shouldering the brunt of the blame for the US obesity epidemic, and the industry is fighting a losing battle to...

‘Upscale, badge brand’ Heineken Light targets US turnaround

Heineken is confident it can restore growth to its struggling Heineken Light brand in the US by revamping the beer with new packaging and using Cascade Aroma hops favored by...

Adolescent alcohol drinking linked to 13% higher breast cancer risk

New research associates drinking an average of one bottle of beer, glass of wine or liquor shot between early adolescence and the first full-term pregnancy to a 13% higher risk...

Federal judge dismisses Tetley USA tea fraud claims

Tata Global Beverages subsidiary Tetley USA has succeeded in its effort to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it misleads consumers with ‘antioxidant, nutrient content and health claims’ for tea products.

ABA slams study linking soda consumption to 'negative' childhood behavior

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo representative, the American Beverage Association (ABA), has slammed research linking soda consumption to aggressive childhood behavior - claiming that the “science does not support the conclusion.”


Coke hired snooping private eye in Aussie Honest Tea trademark fight

The Coca-Cola Company today admitted defeat in an 18-month trademark battle that pitted its US Honest Tea brand against a small Australian firm using the same name run by a...

Vivid dreams for Matcha: ‘World’s most powerful green tea’

Vivid Drinks says it see massive potential in matcha as a standalone green tea category following massive industry interest in the UK’s first RTD beverage launch in this category

No more bitter back-end with stevia specific tea

Flavour and fragrance ingredient supplier Treatt has created a new tea formula adapted to the specific flavour of stevia in response to a growing market trend for natural sweeteners.

Australian scientists serve cyclists healthier ‘hydrating’ beer

Australian scientists have created a healthier more hydrating beer by adding electrolytes and lowering the alcohol content to reduce the dangers of drinking.

Tetley ‘Blend of Both’ style NPD can add excitement into tea

Almost a quarter on 16-24 year-olds in the UK drink herbal tea for its functional benefits and healthy attributes whereas older consumers are driven more by habit, according to Mintel.

Emerging market healthy food 'faux pas': Too much pleasure, too soon

“The most common mistake by western fast moving consumer good (FMCG) companies who launch new food and beverage brands in emerging markets is that they jump straight in to a...


Skinnygirl cocktail sales growth slims down 23% for Beam Inc.

Beam Inc.'s sales of Skinnygirl RTD sales fell 23% in H1 2013 with the firm blaming terrible US weather and a challenging year-on-year comparison after impressive growth last year.


Harvard scientists link coffee drinking to 45% lower suicide risk

Harvard scientists say their new study supports an association between drinking two to three cups of coffee daily and a 45% lower risk of suicide.

Quaker shifts away from cereal with Jamba Juice partnership

PepsiCo’s Quaker brand sees potential in oats beyond breakfast and has struck a deal with smoothie retailer Jamba Juice.


‘Next Generation’ Omega-3 sports drink set to hydrate America

The creator of a ‘next generation’ Omega-3 based sports water – developed with Cott Beverages scion Jeff Pencer – claims the drink’s hydration qualities make it unique in North America.

Tesco reviews UK tea blends as scientists spark fluoride fears

Tesco will review its tea blends after scientists warned that economy private label teas sold by the grocer and other UK retailers are high in fluoride and that drinking over...


Dr Pepper ‘very concerned’ by US diet soft drinks sales decline

Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) CEO Larry Young says the firm is very concerned by US sales declines in diet sodas and the company’s below average performance in that category.

You'll sell more sports nutrition products targeting fitness walkers and yoga enthusiasts than team sports players, says Packaged Facts

Sports nutrition marketers have traditionally focused on young men, sports teams and hardcore athletes. In future, however, they will need to spend more time targeting women, weekend warriors and consumers...

News in brief

‘Fancy a cuppa Lipton?’ Unilever refreshed by tea time

One City analyst is encouraged by Unilever’s ability to improve margins in its less profitable refreshment business despite poor US weather with ‘signs of encouraging growth in tea’ globally.

Green coffee firm sledged over colon sludge claims

The UK advertising watchdog has roasted its second green coffee firm in a month for making unjustified weight loss, antioxidant, colonic health and other claims.

Scientist explains higher arsenic levels in German beers

German researchers have solved the mystery of why some native beers have higher arsenic levels than those present in water tested before brewing – use of diatomaceous earth as a clarifier.

Dr Pepper cuts 7UP antioxidant content to settle US class action

Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) is settling a US court case over the use and marketing of antioxidants in 7UP and has cut them from drinks, while paying plaintiff lawyers...


PepsiCo brand Naked Juice cuts ‘all natural’ claim after $9m US payout

PepsiCo brand Naked Juice will stop using ‘all natural’ to describe its products due to lack of detailed regulatory guidance around the word ‘natural’, after agreeing to settle a class...

'Mine's a pint!' Beer brings heart health cheer, Greek study suggests

Moderate beer consumption has a measurable acute beneficial effect on several important cardiovascular disease biomarkers according to a new study from Greek researchers.

Betaine boosted sports drinks backed to enhance athletic performance: Study

One week of supplementation with the nutrient betaine as part of a sports drink can help to boost athletic power and performance by around six percent, according to new research...

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