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Sugary sports drinks often mistaken as healthy: Study

Many children and parents mistakenly associate sugary sports drinks with a healthy lifestyle, claim researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UTHealth).

Nano-EGCG could take tea benefits into clear beverages

Modified whey protein may nano-encapsulate the green tea compound EGCG and slow its rate of degradation 3.2-fold, thereby offering nano-encapsulation potential for formulators, says a new study.

Blood benefits see British choose beetroot juice

Research highlighting antioxidant-laden beetroot’s ability to reduce blood pressure and boost stamina are helping sales of beetroot juices in the UK, according to retailer Waitrose.

Coffee may protect against DNA damage: Study

A daily cup of coffee may reduce the oxidative damage to DNA by 12 percent, according to a pan-European study.

Sports drinks boost endurance among young team players

New research suggests that isotonic sports drinks can enhance the performance of young adolescents competing in team games.

Danone backs probiotic juice with ProViva investment

Global probiotics leader Danone has paid an undisclosed sum to Swedish dairy Skånemejerier for a 51 per cent stake in its probiotic juice brand, ProViva.

Nestlé reveals challenges in fibre satiety drink R&D

A Nestlé research scientist has spoken of the challenges involved in formulating a consumer-friendly, fibre-rich, low-calorie yoghurt drink that promotes satiety.

Unilever: Slim.Fast brand name is not a health claim

Dutch-British food company Unilever says Slim.Fast, the brand name for its highly popular weight management product, is not under threat of being construed as an unauthorised health claim in the...

Comax flavors tap into trendy coconut water

Comax Flavors is the latest flavor firm to respond to coconut water’s rapid growth in popularity by adding a range of flavors for the drink to its product offerings.

Anthocyanin-rich purple corn targets juices

Suntava has developed a non-GMO anthocyanin-rich purple corn concentrate to boost the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juice drinks, the company has said.

Chicken extract builds brain health links

The maker of a 175-year-old chicken extract that peer-reviewed research demonstrates can benefit mental function has established a brain health research centre – with a focus on anti-aging in the brain.

Wild develops coconut water flavors and new drink concepts

Wild Flavors has released a new range of sensory-tested tropical flavors for coconut water, tapping into the continuing attention that the drink is attracting on the market.

Danisco supports science of probiotic juices

Antioxidant-rich fruit juices can support probiotics, say new findings from Danisco that support the potential of juices to offer an interesting alternative to dairy-based products.

Carbery targets sports drinks with clean whey

Irish dairy ingredients specialist Carbery is marketing a “clean tasting” hydrolysed whey protein range aimed at the sports nutrition market after completing sensory studies in conjunction with the North Carolina...

Polyphenol-rich juice passes bioavailability test: Coca-Cola

Polyphenols can be absorbed into the blood stream when consumed from a beverage, showing the potential to deliver the antioxidants via a juice, says a new study from Coca-Cola.

Natural trumps health claims in adult soft drinks NPDs, analyst

Health and wellness positioning based on growing consumer awareness of inherent properties such as antioxidants along with provenance is proving a market driver in the adult soft drinks sector as...

National Starch targets functional beverages category with emulsifier

The R&D team at National Starch Food Innovation (NSFI), looking at further uses for its emulsifier, Q-Naturale, said results showed that it is highly suited to clear beverages such as...

Fewer sugary drinks could reduce blood pressure, study finds

Drinking fewer sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure, according to a new study from the American Heart Association, adding to a growing body of evidence linking reduced soft drink...

Study into benefits of DanActive yoghurt drink delivers 'mixed results'

A randomised clinical study on the health effects of drinking the probiotic yoghurt-like drink DanActive suggests that it may protect children from gastrointestinal illness but have little influence on their...

Organic beetroot boosts stamina: Study

Drinking organic beetroot juice boosts stamina and could help you exercise for up to 15 per cent longer, according to a study published by the UK University of Exeter's School...

Special Edition: Drinks Ingredients

Exploring drinks innovation for health and wellness

Functional beverages make up one of the most dynamic parts of the beverage market, and with consumers becoming increasingly savvy about health and wellness, myriad opportunities have opened up for...

Arla develops juice concepts with milky benefits

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed new juice formulation concepts containing similar levels of calcium and protein as milk.

FSA proposal for 250ml soft drinks could prove costly

Implementing the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommendation that makers of soft drinks with added sugar should introduce 250ml cans and bottles could cost the industry upwards of £10m, according to...

Fytexia launches water-soluble ingredient versions to target US beverages

Natural ingredient supplier Fytexia has announced the release of a water-soluble high purity version of its flagship Sinetrol ingredient for weight control, as the company eyes the functional drinks market.

Sports drinks suffer sales volume slump in US

Sports drinks appear to have suffered a severe reversal of fortune in the US with volumes going through the floor in 2009.

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