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Red Bull launches new 'special edition' French flavours

1 commentBy Ben Bouckley , 29-May-2012
Last updated on 30-May-2012 at 14:05 GMT2012-05-30T14:05:25Z

Red Bull launches new 'special edition' French flavours

Red Bull has launched three new flavours - Blueberry, Lime, and Cranberry - onto the French market, with the first 250ml cans (pictured) available from the middle of March.

The drinks come in Blue, Silver and Red 'Editions', and according to a Red Bull France website (in a statement we have translated): "Red Bull Energy Drink and the Red Bull Editions include the same principle ingredients and offer the same effects as well as the same energy.

"Only the taste of the Red Bull Editions is different, this is easily identifiable thanks to the colour of the can."

Red Bull France added that it could possibly add further flavours to the range in future; the Special Editions are currently only available in a limited number of European countries including Belgium, Austria, Spain and Portugal.

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New in Australia

These 3 flavours come out in Australia Aug 27. Can't wait.

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Posted by Craig
19 August 2012 | 15h142012-08-19T15:14:20Z

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