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Stevia revolution in EU beverage market still a long way off

Data on the market penetration of stevia in beverages outside Europe suggests that anticipated EU approval may be only the first step for the natural sweetener on a long road...

EFSA opinion paves way for EU approval of stevia-based sweeteners

EU approval for natural sweeteners from the stevia leaf has moved one step closer after scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave them a clean bill of health.

Stevia success gives GLG Life Tech 323% revenue boost

GLG Life Tech has reported a 323 percent increase in revenue during 2009 as food and drink manufacturers continue to develop and launch new products containing its stevia-derived sweeteners.

Sugar and stevia join forces to cut calories

PureCircle and Imperial Sugar have launched a joint venture to offer sugar and stevia combinations to the food and beverage industry as it looks to meet consumer demand for natural...

Swedish firm to launch Yerba Mate with stevia in France

A Yerba Maté beverage is set to be one of the first products on French shelves sweetened with stevia-derived rebaudioside-A (Reb-A), recalling a traditional use of the plant by Guarani...

Zero-calorie fruit-based sweetener gets FDA GRAS

BioVittoria has received an FDA letter of no objection that its fruit-derived zero-calorie Fruit-Sweetness sweetener is GRAS (generally recognized as safe), the company said on Monday.

‘Jury still out’ on sweeteners and metabolic effects

The scientific literature does not support a link between intakes of artificial sweeteners and metabolic changes in children, says a new review from the US National Institutes of Health.

GLG launches lower cost stevia sweeteners

GLG Life Tech is preparing to capitalize on the market potential of natural sweeteners with a new range of lower cost stevia-based ingredients.

France ups Reb A limits for food

The French government has approved the use of stevia sweetener Reb A in table top sweeteners, and raised the levels at which it can be used in a range of...

Artificial sweeteners may trigger fullness hormones

The artificial sweetener sucralose may work together with glucose to stimulate the release of a protein that promotes a feeling of fullness, says new research from the US.

Coca-Cola adds stevia to Fanta Still in France

Coca-Cola France has reformulated Fanta Still with stevia only three months after the French government approved a form of the natural sweetener.

Lactic acid improves stevia flavor, says Purac

Purac has become the latest company to release a natural flavor masker to help drinks makers deal with the reported bitter or licorice-like aftertaste sometimes experienced with stevia sweeteners.

PureCircle raises $67.18m for stevia investment

Sweetener company PureCircle has raised $67.18m through share placing to invest in the development of its natural sweetener products made from stevia leaves.

Stevia’s reputation still to build, says survey

Stevia sweeteners have already hit on the radar screens of one in three moms, a PureCircle survey indicates – but the next step from awareness is building a good impression.

Guest article

Stevia: beverages and replacing aspartame

Aspartame and sugar are likely to be the main substitution targets for emerging stevia sweeteners, and beverages the initial main application, writes Sneha Pasricha, a research analyst for Frost &...

The science of sweetener blends

Achieving the ideal sweetener blend is a scientific undertaking, making or breaking a product’s acceptance. In the second part of our special series on sweetener blends, FoodNavigator look at what...

France approves high Reb A stevia sweeteners

The French government has approved the use of stevia sweeteners with 97 per cent purity rebaudioside A (Reb A), officially opening up the first EU market for products containing the...

'Electronic tongue' could aid sweetened formulations

Scientists have developed an ‘electronic tongue on a chip’ to quickly and accurately identifies sweetness, giving manufacturers an inexpensive quality control tool.

Stevia market needs flavor focus, says Blue California chief

Industry-wide focus on flavor issues is crucial to the long term success of stevia-derived sweeteners, says the executive vice president of Reb A supplier Blue California.

Dispatches from EUSTAS stevia symposium

Early harmonisation urged for stevia standards, methods

As the stevia industry is poised for wide take-up, harmonisation and recognition of the need for standards is crucial to securing a good reputation from the outset, according to ChromaDex...

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