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Mining the stevia leaf: ‘Reb A purity is the old way of thinking’

Combining different sweet components from the stevia leaf – in a similar way to combining artificial sweeteners – may be the next step toward improving the flavor of stevia-sweetened products,...

PureCircle: High purity stevia volumes up 20% plus

High purity stevia volume sales at PureCircle have increased by more than 20% year-on-year, PureCircle reported in a pre-close update for the second half of its financial year.

Chinese sucralose supply shortage: ‘No one is coming to the plate with economical sucralose’

Firms sourcing sucralose from China are struggling to secure supplies owing to a combination of factors including rising demand as sugar prices rise, electricity shortages in southern China and tighter...

Coke takes ‘natural’ mid-calorie carbonate plunge in Pepsi NEXT wake with stevia-based trials

The Coca-Cola Company is poised to test its own mid-calorie sodas in the US using Sprite and Fanta using natural sweeteners including Cargill's stevia brand, hot on the heels of...

Special edition: Where next for natural sweeteners?

From stevia to monk fruit, oats, agave nectar and coconut palm sugar.  In the second of our spring special editions, we look at what’s next for natural sweeteners.  ...

Pepsi NEXT lures new consumers into cola category as sales exceed expectations

Sales of new mid-calorie cola Pepsi NEXT are ahead of expectations, while early feedback suggests it is attracting new consumers - as well as lapsed cola drinkers - into the...

Britvic and PepsiCo 'win race' to launch UK soft drinks with stevia

PepsiCo UK and Britvic claim to have 'won the race' to launch the first UK soft drink containing stevia extract by formulating the high intensity sweetener within a functional water...

Coke confirms new French stevia sightings through major EU launches

The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed to that it has launched stevia-sweetened varieties of Sprite and Nestea in France with 30% less sugar – the first roll-out using its headline...

Steviol glycosides are not ‘all-natural’, says new class action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed in California this week argues that steviol glycosides should not be considered natural, owing to the "chemical processing" sometimes used to extract them from the...

Senomyx CEO hints at PepsiCo interest in enhancer to cut HFCS

Flavour ingredients house Senomyx has hinted at PepsiCo’s interest in its work on developing an enhancer to reduce high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) levels in beverages and foods by up...

Stevia buyers beware: There are some ‘awful’ extracts out there…

While traders “jumping in and out of the stevia marketplace” are disrupting prices and standards by peddling some “awful” extracts, high-quality stevia suppliers in it for the long-haul will ultimately...

Sugar-free drinks may generate ‘false security’ on tooth decay, study finds

Acidic flavourings and preservatives added to sugar-free beverages and confectionery may pose a ‘dental health risk’ to consumers who believe such products don’t cause tooth decay.

PepsiCo on Trop50: ‘We’re selling everything we can make’

Stevia-sweetened fruit drink Trop50 has been the runaway success story in PepsiCo’s US beverages business this year with volumes of the mid-calorie beverage up 50% in the third quarter, PepsiCo...

Sweet taste modulator may help provide 'true' sugar taste with zero calories: Senomyx

Small molecules that modulate the human sweet taste receptor could help to provide zero-calorie foods and drinks that have "the true taste of sugar", say industry scientists.

GLG seeks damages from bottler after ‘substandard’ product losses

GLG Life Tech Corporation (GLG) claims it has made a ‘strong impact’ on the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea market in China, despite serious production issues in the third quarter of 2011...

Diet soft drinks risk ‘rosy self-deception’ on obesity, Euromonitor suggests

Consumers of diet soft drinks risk the “rosy self-deception” that such products ‘cancel out’ excess calories consumed through food, while they could also encourage over-eating, Euromonitor International has suggested.

GLG granted Stevia patent in China

A fully owned subsidiary of GLG Life Tech Corp has been granted a patent in China for its stevia extraction process.

Beverage brand loyalty in freefall as consumers turn 'super fickle'

With brand loyalty in the beverage aisles “in freefall” manufacturers have to work harder to excite consumers with new ideas from retro-style acid phosphates to drinking vinegar and Horchata, according...

EFSA confirms access to 1980s aspartame data as it calls for fresh science

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed it has access to 112 studies about aspartame, most of which were conducted in the 1980s, which had been feared lost.

Commission flags up November for EU-wide approval of stevia

November 2011 should see steviol glycosides get regulatory backing for use in food in drink products in the European market, according to a European Commission (EC) representative.

Stevia: Moving beyond the ‘holy grail’ hype

Hype about the promise of stevia created inflated expectations – but the market has evolved in response, according to stevia supplier PureCircle’s vice president of global marketing Jason Hecker.

Coca-Cola snaps up first Bonsucro certified sugarcane

The first products using sustainable sugarcane under a new certification scheme are about to hit the market after the initial batch was purchased by The Coca-Cola Company’s bottling system.

Treatt enters market for stevia flavour improvement

Treatt has launched a blend of natural essences to improve the flavour and mouthfeel of stevia.

PureCircle introduces flavor modifier for sweetness enhancement

Stevia supplier PureCircle has developed a natural flavor modifier that enhances the sweetness of stevia, sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to allow larger calorie reductions, the company has...

Domino Foods enters stevia market in collaboration with Sunwin and Wild

Domino Foods, Wild Flavors and Sunwin International have entered a collaborative agreement to produce naturally-derived sweeteners and sweetening systems, the companies have said.

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