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Sensient Flavors skips ‘boost and crash’ with new energy drink compounds

By Ben Bouckley , 12-Jun-2012
Last updated on 14-Jun-2012 at 15:07 GMT2012-06-14T15:07:00Z

Sensient Flavors skips ‘boost and crash’ with new energy drink compounds

Flavour systems specialist Sensient Flavors Germany has launched a new line of energy drink compounds for products targeted at ‘mature and health-conscious’ consumers.

Bremen-based Sensient said that adults in the 30-plus age group were as attracted to energy drinks as younger consumers, but expected different benefits. Namely, natural ingredients, authentic tastes and balanced nutritional profiles.

New generation drinks

Michael Moeller, Sensient Flavors commercial director, said: “Our new compound range enables beverage manufacturers to pursue new positioning options. Many consumers are looking for an energy kick to help them cope with busy everyday lives.”

Sensient said the intensely sweet and artificial taste meant that conventional energy drinks were almost exclusively favoured by young people.

Thus, the firm claims that: with natural ingredients, well-balanced nutritional profiles and authentic tastes, its new generation of drinks will appeal to consumers over 30.

Boost and crash…

Over 30s tended to prefer a gentle form of energy supply, and wanted to avoid products with a known “boost and crash” effect, Sensient added.

The company’s new flavour combinations include sea buckthorn, feijoa and yangmei fruit, where Sensient said the latter provided 15% less sugar when used instead of sucrose, compared with standard energy drinks.

‘Au Naturelle’ with caffeine and ginseng extract included 15% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and promised ‘vitality’, Sensient said, while ‘24/7’, contained low GI carbohydrates to ensure consistent day-long energy supply.

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