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Energy Drinks & Beyond

Energy and sports is one of the fastest growing and most innovative segments of the drinks market. Daring innovations on the formulation side are matched by bold new packaging concepts and marketing approaches.

Wells Fargo: ‘We’re increasingly concerned about the continued underperformance of Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s TEN platform’

It was a dismal summer in the US soft drinks aisles, with dollar sales of diet/low calorie soda plunging 7.1% in the four weeks to August 3 vs the same...

Caffeine cards are on table following IOM meeting, observers say

A recent workshop sponsored by the Institute of Medicine on caffeine and its effect in consumer products such as energy drinks was helpful in making clear the points of view...


'Hugely successful' Monster Energy Zero Ultra mines soft drinks vein but $5m legal bill bites

Monster Beverage CEO Rodney Sacks attributes new product Monster Energy Zero Ultra’s sales success to a ‘lighter and more drinkable’ taste that sites it closer to soft drinks than classic...

PQQ set to make splash in sports nutrition beverages

Two firms have joined forces to bring the multifunctional molecule pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ, into the sports nutrition market via beverage applications.  The partnership pairs Virun’s delivery technology with Nascent...

Maple water: The new coconut water?

Coconut water has a new competitor. Maple water, a beverage consisting of the raw sap from sugar maple trees, has made its Canadian market debut in Quebec and British Columbia,...

Suntory could build UK ‘bridgehead’ with GSK brands Ribena and Lucozade

GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) brands Lucozade and Ribena are tempting targets for Far Eastern trade players such as Suntory Holdings that wish to establish a bridgehead in the UK, says an M&A...


Mother sues Monster Energy over death of son, 19

The mother of a US teenager yesterday sued Monster Beverage Corporation alleging that his death in 2012 following a cardiac arrhythmia was a direct result of his drinking Monster Energy.

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Green bull? ‘Natural energy’ grows health claim wings

The EU energy market is set to grow by €1bn by 2017 and much of that could come from ‘natural energy’, a sub-sector that has been boosted by recent health...

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AMA proposes ban on marketing of energy drinks to kids, but ABA says resolution is 'fraught with inaccuracies'

In two high-profile votes at the American Medical Association’s annual meeting in Chicago, delegates officially recognized obesity as a disease, and called for a ban on the marketing of energy...

Red Bull won’t give runners wings, small-scale study suggests

Red Bull energy shots failed to improve the time in which experienced runners completed a 5km run versus a placebo, according to a new, but small-scale US/Australian study claiming to...

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Red Bull labeling gaffe leads to Japanese recall

Red Bull in 330ml PET bottles has reportedly been pulled off the shelves in Japan, due to use of incorrect Western-style date labeling on packaging.


Eye-catching study suggests 5-Hour Energy boost barely beats caffeine alone

A preliminary study in the US assessing the efficacy of 5-Hour Energy found that the energy shot did not ‘significantly improve’ brain activity and reaction times versus plain water with...

Fresh wings: Red Bull slugs EU vitamin B energy health claims

Energy drink leader Red Bull – previously hit by EU rejection of taurine health claims – is boosting its energy-attention marketing by using approved vitamin B claims.

Updated: Health Canada ‘reminds’ consumers over managing caffeine intake after safety review

Health Canada has issued a reminder for healthy adults to limit their caffeine intake to no more than 400 mg per day, with lower levels for children and pregnant women.

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Military members rely on Red Bull: Energy brand launches special ‘Camo’ can for US military

Red Bull will sell a limited edition camouflage-colored can from Memorial Day to Labour Day through military channels and retailers immediately surrounding bases.

Less pretty in pink? Monster Beverage cans Ultra Pink energy drink launch

Monster Beverage has confirmed to that it has shelved plans to launch female-oriented energy drink line extension Monster Energy Ultra Pink.

Monster Energy accuses SF City Attorney of publicity-seeking: ‘The media got copies of his lawsuit before we did’

Just days after Monster Beverage Co pre-emptively sued him, San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera has slapped the energy drinks giant with a lawsuit of his own accusing it of...

San Fran City Attorney swears to litigate Monster Energy suit ‘aggressively’

San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera says he will aggressively litigate Monster’s lawsuit asking a federal judge to halt his investigation into posssible violations of California involved in Monster’s marketing...

GSK's iconic tonic: Abandon Ribena and Lucozade to Big Beverage

GlaxoSmithKline will sell its “iconic brands” Lucozade and Ribena to a beverage giant – if the price is right – the company announced in its Q1 results yesterday.

‘Our goal is global pussyfication’: Branson-backed energy drink earns ASA rap

The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has upheld 156 consumer complaints relating to an energy drink called ‘Pussy Natural Energy’, but the brand insists protestors simply twisted the meaning of...


Stepan Lipid Nutrition and Virun paint bold brushstrokes on clear beverage ‘canvas’

Virun and Stepan Lipid Nutrition have signed a letter of intent to exploit what both companies agree is untapped potential in the clear, functional beverage space.

GSK jolts Lucozade with Champions' Choice caffeine variant

GlaxoSmithKline has debuted a caffeine-boosted version of its isotonic Lucozade Sports range with mental focus the central selling point.

nutritionist enlists senatorial support as monster threatens legal action

Dr Deb reacts to Monster Energy legal threat: 'Let's air your dirty laundry in public'

Senator Richard Blumenthal has denounced Monster on Twitter for threatening kids’ nutritionist ‘Dr Deb’ with legal action, following ‘false and defamatory’ statements on energy drinks made in a newsletter aimed...


Coffee fans don’t ‘chug it down’: Health pros warn FDA on energy drinks

Despite industry claims energy drinks contain no more caffeine than Starbucks coffee, a group of top US health professionals tells the FDA energy caffeine content differs in ‘three important ways’...

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Blackmailers take a poop at defiant Red Bull

Red Bull tells that Austrian blackmailers have threatened to contaminate the firm’s drinks with faecal matter if they are not payed off, but insists the firm 'is not and...