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“Feeling the benefit” guides 2011 trends

Products that deliver physiological benefits quickly such as those benefitting gut health or boosting energy – will be the most important trend for 2011, according to a new report.

Sports drinks boost endurance among young team players

New research suggests that isotonic sports drinks can enhance the performance of young adolescents competing in team games.

Are energy drinks cut out for sports and slimming?

Two newly published papers have questioned how effective energy drinks are as sports drinks and whether they have a role to play in weight loss.

Looking to a new wave of energy drinks

Consumers are no longer satisfied with drinks that cause energy to spike and rapidly drop - but manufacturers are looking at new ways to provide consumers with an energy boost,...

Energy drinks start to run out of steam, says Mintel

Despite a massive increase in recent years, new research from Mintel suggests that energy drinks and shots may be struggling to find new customers in the US .


Energy drink makers must do more to protect children

Energy drinks makers risk a regulatory clamp down if they fail to take action on marketing campaigns that irresponsibly target young consumers.

Medical journal editors urge energy drink rethink

An editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has called for more regulation and initiative from industry to protect children from the potential health threat posed by energy drinks.

NZ kids warned off energy drinks

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) is advising parents that energy drinks and energy shots are not suitable for consumption by children and young teenagers due to caffeine levels.

Energy drink review calls for tighter regulation

A review of the energy market in an IFT journal has called for tighter regulation to protect consumers and the industry from irresponsible marketing and ever more extreme drinks.

British manufacturers unveil energy drink code

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has published a code of practice on energy drinks requiring additional labelling to protect children and other people sensitive to caffeine.

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Louisiana rejects energy drink ban

The state of Louisiana will not ban the sale of energy drinks to under-16s as had been proposed in a state Bill.

Beverage brands flirt with tube packaging

A tube may not be the most obvious packaging option that comes to mind for a drink product but some brands are testing out their potential to grab consumer imagination...

Sports drinks suffer sales volume slump in US

Sports drinks appear to have suffered a severe reversal of fortune in the US with volumes going through the floor in 2009.


Banning energy drinks is a doomed shot in the dark

Energy shot drinks have come under fire from German authorities which are employing an old-school prohibition logic that history has repeatedly dunce-hatted.

Resealable cans hit UK beverage aisles

Resealable cans are making their debut on the UK market this month with the launch of No Fear Extreme Energy.

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Red Bull reacts to German opinion on energy shots

Energy shots are safe if used according to instructions, says Red Bull, as the German risk assessor BfR calls for a ban on energy shots because consumers could not be...

Study links energy drinks to heart attack risk

Energy drink consumption has been linked to heart attack risk in a newly published study, but Red Bull claims the research is old and the results would be no different...

Wind up or down? 2009 welcomes relaxation drinks

Consumers in 2009 were greeted with a swathe of new drinks to help them enjoy a night in, as much as a night out, according to Mintel figures.

Study says alcoholic energy drinks pose 'serious risks'

A new study in Behavioral Neuroscience has warned that there are “serious risks” associated with mixing caffeine and alcohol.

Canadians warned off Chaotic Beverages over possible health risks

Health Canada has told consumers not to drink four “unauthorised” drinks made by Chaotic Beverages on fears they contain ingredients that could pose a health hazard to children.

Red Bull: EFSA taurine rejection won’t affect energy claims

Global energy drinks leader, Red Bull, says the recent rejection of taurine-based energy health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) won’t have any bearing on its own claim-making....

Target women with energy drinks, says Mintel

UK consumers view energy drinks as value for money rather than a luxury, with sales for the products expected to soar over the next five years, according to the latest...

Australian state ponders energy drinks ban

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), is considering a ban on high caffeine energy drinks in the Red Bull-led sector, after its Primary Industries minister, Ian McDonald, highlighted...

Is taurine slipping out of energy drinks?

Manufacturers of energy drinks are less frequently including the ingredient taurine in their new product launches, according to the latest post-market statistics.

Red Bull hit with record fine for breaching packing regulations

Red Bull UK has been ordered to pay a record £271,800 for flouting regulations on the recovery and recycling of packaging waste over a period of eight years.

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