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A New Generation of Juice Equals New Opportunity - Ganeden Biotech

07-Apr-2014 - As manufacturers respond to demand for more functional juices, the market continues to grow. Information Resources Inc. reported that sales for the refrigerated juice and juice drinks category increased 4% to more than $6.6 billion in late 2013. As with...
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Three insights to food and beverage product success - Tate &. Lyle

28-Mar-2014 - Consumers are continually changing their tastes and habits. As food and beverage professionals, you’re under pressure to keep up. From trends to taste to trusted partnerships, Tate & Lyle provides end-to-end insight into developing products that not only meet –...
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PURACAL® : soluble calcium fortified with global application support - Corbion Purac

24-Mar-2014 - The PURACAL® product line offers highly soluble calcium sources, ideal for the fortification of beverages. The products have a neutral flavour, are highly bioavailable and have a minimal impact on application and process. Using a quality, proven ingredient, like PURACAL,...
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Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging - Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

12-Mar-2014 - People everywhere are living longer and stronger — and looking to nutrition to help stave off inflammation, osteoporosis, vision loss and other health conditions. Satisfy their need by fortifying your products with custom nutrient premixes from Fortitech® Premixes.Any nutrient. Any...
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A superior hydration and recovery ingredient - Kyowa Hakko

03-Mar-2014 - Looking for an ingredient that can deliver serious hydration, endurance and recovery benefits for your next sports nutrition bar or beverage? Sustamine® is a science-supported ingredient that can: enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines; stimulate glycogen synthesis; inhibit muscle protein...
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What do the EU Guidance Notes on the Classification of Colouring Foods mean for your products? - GNT

09-Dec-2013 - The objective of the Guidance Notes is to provide simple and practical criteria for the differentiation between foods with colouring properties and additive food colours within the EU.GNT, the global market and innovation leader in Colouring Foods, will take you...
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Taking The Mystery Out Of Sugar Reduction - Steviva Ingredients

01-Nov-2013 - To capture a fickle consumer’s attention, and their purchase, food developers should use ingredients that consumers understand.  This is especially true when using sweeteners because the category is filled with misconceptions. Sugar, corn syrups and particularly high fructose corn syrups,...
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Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibresol-2) as new dietary fibres for food and beverages - Matsutani

07-Oct-2013 - Do you think all the soluble dietary fibres work the same? Can you satisfy only if it simply dissolves in water? From this mail, you will learn about dietary fibre in general, such as its definition, the difference between insoluble...
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Tips for Great-Tasting Stevia-Sweetened Beverages - Ingredion

23-May-2013 - Find out why ENLITEN® Reb A stevia, a naturally based sweetener, meets the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers. Learn how Ingredion’s patented cultivar and controlled production process allow you to consistently achieve great-tasting formulations.
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Going mainstream - the evolution of the sports nutrition market - William Reed Business Media

17-Jan-2013 - The US sports nutrition market is valued at about $21 billion by the Nutrition Business Journal, but how is the market divided, which geographical regions and demographic sectors are growing the most, and where are the opportunities? This webinar will...
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Opportunities and pitfalls: Building and maintaining a sports nutrition brand - William Reed Business Media

17-Jan-2013 - With the DMAA saga fresh in everyone’s minds and the industry reeling from claims from athletes that supplements are responsible for failed doping tests, how can a brand build the science, safety, and trust to bring market success. In this...
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Protein: Round table discussion - William Reed Business Media

17-Jan-2013 - This round-table discussion brings together a protein supplier, an experienced consultant and protein researcher, and a leading manufacturer of sports nutrition products.Discussion topics include the effectiveness of different protein sources (whey, casein, soy, rice, hemp, pea, chia, flax, egg, etc)...
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When product quality is important…..Spinning Cone Technology is the solution! - Flavourtech

18-Oct-2012 - Easily and flexibly produce preferred aroma and concentrates from juice, tea or coffee using FT Technologies Spinning Cone systems. A focus on low temperatures and short residence times ensures a higher quality product. All in a continuous and easy to...
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Innovative ingredients in Support of Weight Management - Sabinsa Corporation

07-Jul-2012 - Dr. Kamarei, Vice President of Science & Technology will discuss evolution of innovation in the area of weight management ingredients at Sabinsa.
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Antioxidants: The New Frontier in Skin Protection, Anti-aging and Beauty - LycoRed

23-May-2012 - Clinical evidence has proven that just one day of unprotected sun exposure can cause irreversible cell damage, which has been associated with premature aging and even skin cancer. Unfortunately, even high SPF sunscreen products, cannot provide complete protection, because a...
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Delivering superior moisturising efficacy - Croda

23-May-2012 - Discover an innovative approach to effective moisturisation through Croda’s new moisturising complex DuraQuench IQ. Its dual mechanism optimises skin moisturisation by the formation of an intelligent structural layer on the surface of the skin, whilst regulating water loss from within...
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Innovative Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide Solutions for a good look - Evonik Industries AG

23-May-2012 - If one was talking some years ago about anti-aging the general understanding was that an anti-aging product should reduce wrinkles. To fulfil today’s consumer needs a cosmetic product has to address the different causes of aging. As these consumer expectations...
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Making Health Claims for Beverages - DSM Nutritional

29-Mar-2012 - The new health claims regulation is shaking up the world of functional food and drinks. This presentation will discuss the latest developments on the regulatory front, with a specific focus on drinks. How could the new health claims regulation limit the...
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Driving sustainable drinks production - DSM Nutritional

29-Mar-2012 - Sustainability is high on the beverage manufacturers’ agenda, with an increasing sense of urgency over the depletion of natural resources and climate change. DSM, the global number one in the chemical sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, presents some...
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Soluble Corn Fiber: What consumers want and why it’s important - Tate &. Lyle

09-Mar-2012 - Consumers believe fiber is important: according to recent research, 66% want more of it in their diets. Join us to learn about new and exciting research about soluble corn fiber and how consumers are demanding more of it in their...

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