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The future is now when it comes to superior stevia - Almendra Stevia Sweeteners

17-Jul-2014 - Our disclosure, entitled Steviose™ 100 in context of the “next generation” natural high potency sweeteners:  a study of quality, feasibility and practicality reports fresh data, and perhaps the only publicly reported data, benchmarking the taste quality of these products with anything. The...
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Sports Drinks: Does Sweetener Choice Add Energy to Sales? - CRA

10-Jul-2014 - Think your consumers are thirsty for a sweetener switch? That’s what one major sports-drink maker thought when it changed sweeteners in 2010. Find out whether its sweetener strategy turned into a sales success when you download this free case study...
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Natural solutions for healthier beverages - Jungbunzlauer International AG

30-Jun-2014 - Mineral fortification and calorie reduction are two of the most important trends in the beverage industry but both are often connected with various obstacles regarding taste.This technical paper discusses key technological and sensory aspects of calorie reduction of beverages. The...
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Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging - Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

16-Jun-2014 - People everywhere are living longer and stronger — and looking to nutrition to help stave off inflammation, osteoporosis, vision loss and other health conditions. Satisfy their need by fortifying your products with custom nutrient premixes from Fortitech® Premixes.Any nutrient. Any...
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A superior hydration and recovery ingredient - Kyowa Hakko

03-Mar-2014 - Looking for an ingredient that can deliver serious hydration, endurance and recovery benefits for your next sports nutrition bar or beverage? Sustamine® is a science-supported ingredient that can: enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines; stimulate glycogen synthesis; inhibit muscle protein...
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The importance of nutritional lipids for mood and behaviour - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Nutritional lipids have long been suggested to have an impact on our health. From healthy hearts and arteries to vision and learning. But what about more subtle measures of our wellbeing like mood and behaviour. In this webinar Professor Alex...
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Omega Fatty Acids - Global Trends and Opportunities - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - The omega fatty acid market (comprising of functional food, drinks and supplements) was worth US$30 billion, yet most populations are deficient. In her presentation Diana Cowland will compare the market for omega fatty acid-fortified food and drink to that of...
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How next generation dosage forms create competitive market advantage - Capsugel

24-May-2014 - Peter will showcase how the latest generation of dosage form can benefit both to R&D and Marketers willing to develop high value food supplements for the consumer market. He will address how to overcome technical challenges such as odor protection...
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The vegetarian, sustainable omega-3 LC-PUFA - Qualitas Health

24-May-2014 - Almega PL is a new, vegetarian, EPA-rich omega-3 LC-PUFA from microalgae. Omega-3s play a crucial role in brain function, may reduce the risk of heart disease and offer many other health benefits. Because of the multiple health benefits of omega-3s, fish...
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Unknown Thoughts. How to reduce competition on the shelf - VIRUN®

24-May-2014 - Creativity, invention, and innovation in food, beverage and supplements are those concepts that differentiate themselves from what others have already done. The problem is, new products that get developed are no different, or slightly different from those currently being sold....
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The big debate: Meeting demands in supply & quality - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - In this roundtable debate we ask how the industry can meet increasing demand for nutritional oils (and particularly for omega-3s from a variety of sources).What are the best ways to produce meaningful amounts of nutritional lipids? Is it better to...
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NutraBIOsciences™ food-beverage technology evolved - VIRUN®

21-May-2014 - Over 40 patents/patents-pending, Virun enables difficult-to-dissolve ingredients into clear drinks, stick-packs etc… OmegaH2O®, AstaXH2O™, PQQwater™, CoenzymeClear™ are available in powder and liquids bulk.  Development & co-packing also available.
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Successful beverages are functional and healthy - Gelita AG

21-May-2014 - The provision of healthy nutrition has been the primary focus of nutritionists and consumers for many years. The importance of drinking liquids for a healthy and active life is the most challenging aspects in product development today.For many years now,...
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Get your products into great shape with Lacprodan® DI-7017 - Arla Foods Ingredients

19-May-2014 - Whey protein has been shown to be nutritionally superior to other sources of protein when it comes to promoting satiety and improving muscle mass. Now Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Lacprodan® DI-7017, an advanced whey protein suitable for use in a...
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See How to Launch a Successful Functional Beverage - Ganeden Biotech

13-May-2014 - The double-digit growth confirms that consumers like getting functional ingredients from better-for-you beverages. With consumer awareness of probiotics at an all-time high and more than 100 million Americans experiencing digestive issues, the time is ripe for probiotic functional beverages. Ganeden...
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A New Generation of Juice Equals New Opportunity - Ganeden Biotech

07-Apr-2014 - As manufacturers respond to demand for more functional juices, the market continues to grow. Information Resources Inc. reported that sales for the refrigerated juice and juice drinks category increased 4% to more than $6.6 billion in late 2013. As with...
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Three insights to food and beverage product success - Tate &. Lyle

28-Mar-2014 - Consumers are continually changing their tastes and habits. As food and beverage professionals, you’re under pressure to keep up. From trends to taste to trusted partnerships, Tate & Lyle provides end-to-end insight into developing products that not only meet –...
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PURACAL® : soluble calcium fortified with global application support - Corbion Purac

24-Mar-2014 - The PURACAL® product line offers highly soluble calcium sources, ideal for the fortification of beverages. The products have a neutral flavour, are highly bioavailable and have a minimal impact on application and process. Using a quality, proven ingredient, like PURACAL,...
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What do the EU Guidance Notes on the Classification of Colouring Foods mean for your products? - GNT

09-Dec-2013 - The objective of the Guidance Notes is to provide simple and practical criteria for the differentiation between foods with colouring properties and additive food colours within the EU.GNT, the global market and innovation leader in Colouring Foods, will take you...
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Taking The Mystery Out Of Sugar Reduction - Steviva Ingredients

01-Nov-2013 - To capture a fickle consumer’s attention, and their purchase, food developers should use ingredients that consumers understand.  This is especially true when using sweeteners because the category is filled with misconceptions. Sugar, corn syrups and particularly high fructose corn syrups,...

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