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Coca-Cola to hand back US distribution networks under refranchising strategy

Coca-Cola has revealed plans to begin handing back some of its US distribution network to independent bottlers – a move that is expected to improve the company’s profitability in North...

PepsiCo’s ‘unexpected’ discoveries about Reb-D… and why it’s the perfect natural sweetener for diet colas

A patent application filed by PepsiCo reveals some of the more “surprising” properties of Rebaudioside D (Reb-D) - the steviol glycoside claimed to have one of the best sweetness profiles of them all....

IRN-BRU escapes ASA scrutiny after ad draws ‘anti-English’ fire

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says it does not plan to investigate nearly 70 complaints relating to a video advert for avowedly Scottish soft drink Irn Bru, following claims...

Heineken silent on $650m sale rumor regarding PepsiCo licensee

Heineken has refused to comment on rumors it has now put its Finnish business Hartwall up for sale seeking around €500m, after starting a strategic review of the unit in...


Stepan Lipid Nutrition and Virun paint bold brushstrokes on clear beverage ‘canvas’

Virun and Stepan Lipid Nutrition have signed a letter of intent to exploit what both companies agree is untapped potential in the clear, functional beverage space.

Is Dr Pepper trying to ‘hide behind the law of federal preemption’? Lawyers in 7UP antioxidant case hit back

Lawyers for David Green - a California man who has accused Dr Pepper Snapple Group of making false and misleading claims about 7UP's (now defunct) ‘antioxidant’ drinks - argue it...

Diet Pepsi doesn’t want design partners to ‘overshadow’ brand

PepsiCo tells that it seeks partnerships with ‘relevant and attainable designers’ who keep the focus on the Diet Pepsi brand rather than overshadow it. 

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‘New ideas and new thinking’: UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference

‘New ideas and new thinking’ is the theme of Zenith International’s UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference, scheduled to take place on May 8 2013 at London’s Congress Center.


What can Kim Jong-Un learn from Coca-Cola?

What can Kim Jong-Un learn from Coca-Cola? Not much, aside from the 'art of modern spin', suggests New Yorker magazine blogger Evan Osnos, in an entertaining online piece published yesterday.

Coke polar bear kidnapped by students; firm fights prodigious water ‘waste’ claim

Coca-Cola has responded to a controversial Belgian ‘datavisualisation’ claiming that it ‘wastes’ 176bn liters of water per year, and that Coke may increase one’s obesity risk by 60%.

Coca-Cola loses 2012 UK soft drinks share to Pepsi

Coca-Cola lost UK volume share in 2012, while Pepsi grew both its volume and value share and Lucozade and Red Bull’s success reflected growing consumer interest in functional drinks.


‘Health, Environment, Choice’ hold sway in soft drinks: Zenith International

Health, the environment and consumer choice are the three main issues facing today’s soft drinks industry, according to InnoBev Global Beverages Congress 2013 organizer Zenith International.

‘One trip throwaway’ packaging suits beverage brand image: Canadean

Drinks market analysis firm Canadean says that, while it is surprising that a growing number of beverage packages are ‘one trip throwaways’ given environmental concerns, such packaging does offer  brands...

Scientists engineer E.coli caffeine ‘addiction’ in beverages, say bacteria could clean wastewater

Scientists in the US have genetically modified an E.coli strain so that it is ‘addicted’ to caffeine, where it feeds on the stimulant and serves as a  biosensor to measure...

NTC: ‘We have a unique, sustainable and cost effective solution to mask stevia’s licorice taste’

Geneva-based Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) has developed a ‘unique, sustainable and cost effective’ solution to significantly reduce the undesired licorice taste of stevia extracts, and bring the taste closer to...


CSPI Blues: Coke. Sugar. Shock. Horror. Pepsi. Pepper. Yawn…

The CSPI last week released a report arguing that big beverage uses philanthropy to protect its image and profits, and short circuits public health and regulatory policies aimed at limiting...

Indonesian officials warn minimum wage could cost drinks jobs

Officials in Indonesia have warned that several industries in the country, including the beverage industry, could be damaged if the proposed minimum wage increase is not delayed.

Liquid profit: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO tops US drinks rich list

As we await the latest Forbes league tables listing US executive pay, we look back at the 2012 list that saw Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock take the laurels as...


Pepsi: 1st US bottle redesign since 1996 is only start...

PepsiCo will roll out its first new shape Pepsi bottle since 1996 across the US from April and says further launches will follow in 2013, and packaging expert Andrew Streeter...

Study hails eco-friendly synthetic colour test

Scientists have outlined an eco-friendly test for certain synthetic food colours commonly used in soft drinks and sugar and gelatin-based confectionery.

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Spring in our step: gets a 2013 spritz

We have redesigned to give you easier access to global beverage industry news, on everything from spirits to sodas, healthy ingredients to smart packaging.


Award-winning resealable beverage can end beats rivals: German startup

German startup can2close tells that its award-winning new resealable beverage can end trumps existing rival solutions and is not ‘light years’ away from market readiness.

Coke admits social media alone isn't worth weight in gold...

Coca-Cola says its much reported internal study suggesting that social media does not ‘pull its weight’ in business terms is true, but only when such digital campaigns are taken in...

Tetra Pak director outlines ‘holistic’ approach to sustainable packaging

Mario Abreu, global environment director, recycling and base materials, at Tetra Pak’s Global Environment team, tells that while closed-loop recycling is important, the firm favors a more holistic approach...

PepsiCo outstrips Coke in global nutritional stakes: ATNI report

PepsiCo has the jump on The Coca-Cola Company in the newly released Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) that ranks 25 large food and beverage firms in terms of nutrition-related performance globally.