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DPS defends Dr Pepper TEN as analyst warns of distribution declines

Dr Pepper TEN risks sharing the fate of ‘countless other’ product extensions’ that fail to cut it as independent brands, given declining distribution in the US C-store channel, one analyst...

Big brand sale

UPDATE: Suntory will buy Lucozade and Ribena for ‘sum close to £1bn’; brands won’t work in Asia, says analyst

Sources close to GlaxoSmithKline have confirmed that the sale of its iconic Lucozade and Ribena brands to expanding Japanese beverage giant, Suntory, will proceed for a sum closer to initial...


Unilever plays 'price piano', buys Australia premium tea business T2

Unilever has signed an agreement to acquire Australian tea firm T2 citing the firm’s double-digit growth and significant potential, and says the deal will add a premium tea business to...

Mountain Dew Kickstart generated more than $100m in first year, says PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s new energizing juice drink Mountain Dew Kickstart has generated more than $100m in sales in its first year, bosses at PepsiCo revealed yesterday.

‘Never say never’: Coca-Cola Enterprises boss on life beyond beverages

Coca-Cola Enterprises’ CEO says a franchise agreement with Coke prevents rival launches products in the non-alcoholic RTD category, but nothing stops it launching drinks in other sectors.

Self-styled 'Pirate' and Coca-Cola Spain chief sparks boycott calls

Coca-Cola Spain president Marcos de Quinto’s Twitter war of words with Catholic group Hasteoir risks triggering demands for a boycott of the firm’s drinks among some Spanish-speaking consumers.

News in brief

Perrier goes Pop Art…with Andy Warhol bottles

Nestlé Waters Canada is launching a limited edition series of Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water bottles inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol.


Capri Sun success alerts US brands to ‘untapped’ pouch potential

Capri Sun’s runaway success in North America for Kraft Foods is alerting other beverage brands to the potential stand-up pouches offer, while machine line speeds are increasing all the time....


Carton kings like Tetra Pak expect ‘dramatic’ rise in UK recycling

An industry coalition including Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc and Elopak will officially open the UK’s only dedicated beverage carton recycling facility today.


US analyst spies flexible favor in RTD tea, beer and sports drinks

While the best beverage prospects for the flexible packaging industry continue to lie with wine, sports drinks, ready-to-drink teas and even beer present significant opportunities for pouch manufacturers, US packaging... special edition: FLEXIBLE BEVERAGE PACKAGING

The Kids Aren't All Right? Perceptions hinder drinks pouch growth

Consumer perceptions of the beverage pouch as a 'kid’s format' is restricting the growth of flexible packaging in the sector, market research firm Mintel claims.


‘The beverage pouch is no slouch!’ cries Datamonitor packaging guru

Packaging expert Andrew Streeter believes flexible beverage packaging has huge beverage potential given added functionality and demands for sustainability and cost reduction.


Fixing the fizz: Something's sticky in the state of US soda...

So who'll clear up the mess? Big soda is unfairly shouldering the brunt of the blame for the US obesity epidemic, and the industry is fighting a losing battle to...

Coca-Cola FEMSA inks blockbuster Brazil deal for $1.86bn

Coca-Cola FEMSA has inked a deal to acquire Brazil’s second-largest privately owned Coke bottler in an eye-watering $1.86bn cash deal and says the deal is a ‘perfect geographic fit’

Maple water as ‘a great candidate for functional beverage applications’: Study shows processing has no effect on chemical and nutrition components

Sterilization and pasteurization have no effects on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of maple sap, says a new study that supports it as a ‘great candidate for functional beverage...

Tangerine and Rose Holdings license Sunkist confectionery

UK firms Tangerine Confectionery and Rose Holdings have each been granted licenses to produce soft-drink brand Sunkist in confectionery form.

Monell research bursts the bubble on carbonated drink perception

The characteristic bubbles of a carbonated beverage are not necessary to experience the sensory ‘bite’ of the drinks, according to new research from Monell.

News in brief

Gay rights groups pour Coke down New York drains

Gay rights campaigners in the US have protested against The Coca-Cola Company’s support for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia after the nation passed a new law banning gay ‘propaganda’...

Beverage brands meet Facebook fans: Top 5 amusing moments, from Jim Beam to Qream

Platforms like Facebook allow brands such as Jim Beam, Coke and Qream to connect with consumers directly and engage them in brand-related banter, often with amusing consequences, as our gallery...

Harvard meta-analysis provides more evidence that ‘1st line of defense against weight gain is to reduce or stop drinking sugary drinks’

Data from over 200,000 adults and children ‘provides evidence’ that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages promotes weight gain, says a new meta-analysis from heavyweight Harvard researchers.

ABA slams study linking soda consumption to 'negative' childhood behavior

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo representative, the American Beverage Association (ABA), has slammed research linking soda consumption to aggressive childhood behavior - claiming that the “science does not support the conclusion.”

Wells Fargo: ‘We’re increasingly concerned about the continued underperformance of Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s TEN platform’

It was a dismal summer in the US soft drinks aisles, with dollar sales of diet/low calorie soda plunging 7.1% in the four weeks to August 3 vs the same...


Coke hired snooping private eye in Aussie Honest Tea trademark fight

The Coca-Cola Company today admitted defeat in an 18-month trademark battle that pitted its US Honest Tea brand against a small Australian firm using the same name run by a...


Pepsi boosts ‘brand vision’ with Beyoncé bottle in Italy

PepsiCo will use Rexam’s Fusion aluminum bottle for its limited edition Beyoncé design because of its shape and the potential for high definition printing, and Jim Beam has redesigned its...

Vivid dreams for Matcha: ‘World’s most powerful green tea’

Vivid Drinks says it see massive potential in matcha as a standalone green tea category following massive industry interest in the UK’s first RTD beverage launch in this category

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