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FAO looks to tap coconut water potential

A simple cold preservation process could help increase sales of bottled coconut water – a product yet to fully tap the growth of health and energy drinks.

UK soft drinks cradle Cott growth

Access to aseptic drinks production and promising growth in non-carbonated soft drinks in the UK helped Cott Corporation, the world's largest private label soft drinks supplier, to increase sales last...

Campaigners launch fresh attack on bottled water

Campaign group Sustain has reignited debate on the environmental harm caused by soaring bottled water sales, criticising government departments for adding to the problem and urging consumers to re-embrace tap...

FreshCan extends shelf life of sports drinks

A new drinks container can extend the shelf live of drinks containing active ingredients, claims its manufacturers.

Doubts hit FDA handling of benzene in soft drinks

Serious questions remain over how America's food safety watchdog handled the presence of benzene residues in soft drinks, a senior ex-official has said, after tests showed some drinks still contained...

Third soft drinks firm settles over benzene lawsuit

Another soft drinks firm has reformulated and agreed to pay out compensation in the US to head off a lawsuit over the potential presence of cancer chemical benzene in its...

Fluoride water gets tooth decay claim

A bottled water containing fluoride in the US can now state it helps to prevent tooth decay, the country's food safety regulator has said, opening up both opportunities and debate.

Review bursts oxygen water performance link

The idea that drinking water containing extra oxygen could improve performance during exercise cannot be taken seriously, says a new journal review, in a blow to producers of the drink.

Cap technology provides instant drinks

A new capping device allows individuals to mix their own drinks by blasting ingredients into a water-filled container.

Danone signs Danish bottled water deal

Danone has signed a deal to buy 49 per cent of Danish bottled water company Aqua d'or, in an attempt to improve the group's position in an increasingly competitive bottled...

Bottled water beats cancer in lab study

A little-known bottled water from Scotland may help to stop cancer cells spreading, a study has found, giving the drink a unique potential in healthy beverage trends.

Bottled water sellers face lawsuit deadline

Lawyers in the US have warned they will sue any US retailer that has failed to recall, by the end of this week, bottled water found to contain cancer-causing bromate...

Bottled water is safe, say producers

Bottled water firms have refuted the latest contamination scare to hit the soft drinks industry, saying their products are safe from cancer-causing bromate in the US.

Soft drinks industry to hold benzene summit

Soft drinks industry officials will meet this September to discuss progress on cutting benzene residues out of their drinks, six months after revealed there was still a problem.

Do antioxidants make tea healthier than water?

The antioxidant content of tea could mean that drinking three or more cups a day could reduce the risk of a wide range of health problems, ranging from cancer to...

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Soft drinks firms settle in benzene lawsuit

Two soft drink firms accused of using ingredients that could mix to form a cancer-causing chemical in drinks plan to sign a settlement with lawyers today, agreeing to change formulas...

FDA to recall more bottled water in bromate scare

America's food safety watchdog is expected to announce the recall of several bottled water drinks, thought to contain cancer-causing bromate above the legal limit in the US, has learned....

US: Bottled water pulled in bromate scare

Bottled water containing cancer-causing bromate above the level allowed by America's food safety watchdog has been pulled from shelves by one of the country's upmarket retailers.

New malting system saves water

Dutch brewer Bavaria says its new malthouse in Holland can cut water consumption by up to 30 per cent, highlighting the beer industry's potential as a food industry leader in...

Government lab criticises pesticides in soft drinks study

Tests in India that found soft drinks contaminated with pesticides are 'doubtful', warns a lab affiliated to the UK government, as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola face more bans and threats of...

Nestlé signs bottled water merger in Turkey

Nestlé Waters said it would merge in Turkey with the country's number one bottled water group, Erikli, to take better advantage of Turks' growing thirst for mineral water.

Coca-Cola Amatil takes over Palm Springs water

Lossmaking water delivery firm Palm Springs has finally succumbed to an offer from the Asia-Pacific drinks group Coca-Cola Amatil, allowing the bigger group to continue its expansion in this fast-growing...

Bottled water booms as Europe bakes in heatwave

Record bottled water sales in Britain, emergency supplies used to cover water shortages in France - mineral water firms are worshipping the summer sun.

Food and drink sectors among top spenders on environment

The UK's food, beverage and tobacco producers spent the mostcompared to other industries on meeting environmental protection requirements,according to new statistics released by the government.

Britvic tests out soft drinks concepts

Britvic has appointed consultant group Nunwood to carry out product and concept testing into a new range of innovative soft drinks, as the firm looks to keep up with changing...

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