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Check in here to learn the latest movements at the FDA, EFSA and other regulatory bodies on everything from sugar levels to health claims, and for the latest beverage safety news from accidents to recalls - starting on the factory floor and ending with the consumer.

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SpiritsEUROPE welcomes Scottish EU referral on alcohol unit pricing

SpiritsEUROPE says it welcomes a Scottish Appeal Court decision to refer government plans for Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol to the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ).

EU Court rejects health claim challenge; Appeal under consideration

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has thrown out a challenge to the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) but the German lawyers behind the action say the ruling...

Coca-Cola removing BVO from Powerade

UPDATED - Coca-Cola is removing BVO (brominated vegetable oil) from Powerade and other products by the end of this year.

‘Londoners don’t get Lancashire traditions’: UK Parliament pulls beer over race fears

The UK Parliament has refused to serve a beer brewed in the Northwest of England over concerns that the bar tap was racist, where it depicted blacked-up faces from a...

Bloomberg’s proposed soda cap gets new life

Two amicus (friend of the court) legal briefs have been filed in support of New York City’s proposed cap on sugary drink portions, saying the rule is a sensible step...

News in brief

CA soda warning label shelved

A California Senate bill that would mandate warning labels on sugary beverages was put on hold Monday over concerns about the cost of implementing the legislation.


Juice with a deadly cocaine kick: UK police aware US seizure bore related brand name

UK police tell they are aware that a killer drink laced with cocaine and a massive haul of drug-infused juice found by US Federal officers both bore labels illegally...

Pragmatic policies: 'Quiet' reformulation is the most promising route to healthier food intakes

While it may be clear that people should probably cut down on their intakes of salt, sugar, and fat, the best way to achieve this has always caused a bit...

Australia’s craft beer secrets slowly being exposed

Australian jobs are at risk, as is the credibility of the segment, if craft breweries continue to licence their beer to mainstream operators, according the previous head of Byron Bay...

CUB takes rap for misleading consumers with city-brewed country beer

Carlton & United Breweries will relabel stocks of beer that it acknowledges might have “misled” consumers into believing the product had been brewed hundreds of kilometres away from its real...

Special edition: Healthy beverage trends

CA soda warning label: commonsense or red-tape nightmare?

Earlier this month, a California Senate committee approved a bill to mandate warning labels on sugary beverages. As SB 1000 awaits votes in the Senate Committee on Appropriations later this...


Tumor in a beer bottle: Scary NHS advert survives industry strike

The UK beer industry has failed in its bid to stop the broadcast of a controversial National Health Service (NHS) aligned advert that shows a man swallowing a cancerous tumor...

News in brief

Organic labeling regulation change 'offers opportunities': spiritsEUROPE

spiritsEUROPE insists that laws on production and labeling of organic products including spirits present opportunities for small to medium-sized distillers in particular to better cater for consumer needs.

‘Double whammy’: Senator insists FDA rule could cripple craft brewers

Senator Charles Schumer is calling on US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Margaret Hamburg to strike out a new rule that will hinder brewers selling spent grain to farmers...

'I was astonished by this line of questioning.' More reaction to POM v Coke at the Supreme Court

The questions posed by Supreme Court Justices during oral arguments in a false advertising case brought by POM Wonderful against Coca Cola were nothing short of “astonishing”, according to one...

‘Astonished’ US lawyers: Controversial powdered booze could follow vodka tampon fad

US attorneys Lehrman Beverage Law say they are ‘astonished’ that 58% alcohol by weight powder Palcohol has been approved for US sale as brandowner Lipmark predicts an autumn 2014 launch.

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Merck: Food industry wants rapid methods

The food industry is moving from traditional culture to rapid methods to release product faster to the market, according to Merck Millipore.

Banning chocolate milk sees drop in pupil's dairy intake

Banning chocolate milk from schools may reduce overall milk consumption and increase waste, a US study suggests. 

POM v Coca-Cola false advertising spat heads to Supreme Court, but what does this mean for your label?

It’s not quite as dramatic as the Oscar Pistorius trial, but in the world of food law, a false advertising case brought by POM Wonderful against rival Coca-Cola is being...

Morrisons criticised for YouTube alcohol advert

Morrisons has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after its video advertisement, broadcast during a series of children’s nursery rhymes on YouTube, featured images of spirit bottles with...

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Shimadzu: Flexibility vital to meeting customer demand

Shimadzu said meeting customer demand for food safety and quality control depends on what they want to see or know from their samples.

Major breakthrough for Scotch in battle to beat Aussie fraudsters

Scotland’s whisky industry is celebrating a “major breakthrough” in Australia, where this the spirit was registered as a certification trademark. The move comes after a long battle by Scotch Whisky...

Potential BPA replacements ‘need more study’

Denmark’s National Food Institute (NFI) has said it considers it ‘unwise’ to replace bisphenol A (BPA) with any of five compounds it studied until more data is available.

UK ASA: "Court action is a last resort but we will issue such action if other measures fail"

Snubbed: Dutch firm smokes UK joint health claim ban

Joint health claims made by a Dutch-made collagen, glucosamine and omega-3 based food supplement, have been kyboshed by the UK advertising watchdog. But Finitri, the Dutch firm, has gone underground...

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Mobile colorimeter meets immediate analysis needs

Making decisions based on quick on-site analysis is helping to drive the demand for mobile colorimeters, according to Merck Millipore.

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