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Purac launches online beverage fortification tool

By Ben Bouckley , 11-Oct-2011
Last updated on 11-Oct-2011 at 17:51 GMT2011-10-11T17:51:53Z

Purac launches online beverage fortification tool

Purac has designed an online calculating tool designed to help research and development (R&D) teams formulate stable calcium fortified beverages.

The company said that a fast-moving market meant that speed-to-market was of vital importance in regard to maintaining or building market share, a factor that prompted the introduction of the new online tool .

"This poses a significant challenge to product developers, as formulating and testing for product stability are time-consuming and expensive," Purac said in a statement.

When developing calcium-fortified beverages, preventing precipitation is one of the main concerns. This occurs when dissolved calcium reacts with citric acid (for example) to form insoluble calcium citrate.

Undesirable effects that follow include a 'sandy mouthfeel' to beverages that can occur throughout the shelf life of a product.

Hans Schinck, Purac's category manager for taste and nutrition, said: "This tool quickly and accurately calculates whether precipitation will occur. It increases the user's R&D efficiency by reducing lab time and stability studies."

Purac's formulation product range covers applications such as orange juice and soy milk products.

The firm's fortification solutions include calcium salts and other mineral salts (magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium), all of which Purac claimed deliver "unique health benefits" to consumers.

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