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New probiotics from Danisco


Danish food ingredients company Danisco is to launch the first of two new probiotic bacteria cultures developed by Australasian companies Fonterra Research Centre (NZDRI) and NZMP Ltd.

The launch is the result of a co-operation managed by the Danisco Specialities division, dedicated to development of dairy cultures and other speciality products.


In 2001, Danisco obtained the licences for production and marketing of the two probiotic bacteria cultures in major parts of the world. "The probiotic cultures play an important role in improving our resistance to infection. The term probiotic means "for life" and is derived from the Greek/Latin word "pro" and the Greek word "bios." A yoghurt containing one of these cultures will, in more than one way, be a natural contribution to a healthy breakfast,"said Danny O'Regan from Danisco.


In a bid to provide an 'easy-to-remember' name for the consumer, the first product, to be marketed primarily in Europe and the United States, has been branded HOWARU Bifido, a play on the English expression 'How are you?'.


"We've already introduced HOWARU Bifido to a number of large European dairy companies, and the product has been met with noticeable acclaim," said O'Regan.


The HOWARU range will be supported by a website which will go live in early August. Danisco is hoping that the HOWARU cultures will generate sales in the double-digit million krone range as early as next year.


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