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Multiple beverage sensor inspection system


US-based TapTone has launched the T500-F, a high speed on-line multiple sensor inspectionsystem for leak detection and fill level verification of filled pressurised bottles and cans.

LN2-dosed andcarbonated beverage containers that are properly pressurised typically havea firm sidewall when sealed. A loss of pressure corresponds directly withthe tension of the sidewall but may be impossible to see or feel - until itreaches the consumer.

The T500-F Force Sensor option inspects passing containers at productionline speeds by profiling the tension of the sidewall to determine internalpressure. By comparing these results to that of a known good container, theT500-F Force Sensor is said to identify containers with a loss of pressure andreject them from the production line.


The TapTone 500-F inspects for leaks and fill levels and alongside the TapTone 500 control platform is said to accommodate up to 10 different inspections to meet numerousrequirements.


This multiple sensor capability integrates an array ofsensors, such as acoustic, proximity, laser, x-ray and force. The company claims that the system candetect leaking containers, improper fill level, low pressure, defective ormissing closures, missing labels, missing seals and other container defects.


The menu-driven keypad allows quick set-up and programming of parameters,and up to 10 stored pre-sets provide quick product changeover. The displayis multi-lingual, with information in 7 different languages. The device is fully sealed to withstand factory washdown environments, and isNEMA 4x rated.


The TapTone Package Inspection Division of Benthos, US, makes systems forthe quality testing of consumer packages made of glass, metal or plastic.