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Hosing developments target beverage process boost

By Neil Merrett , 03-Nov-2008

A global supplier of hosing solutions says it hopes to extend the applications of it products to meet the wider needs of global drinks makers.

AdvantaPure says that it has recently begun pushing the potential benefits of its previously available wire-reinforced Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM) hose towards for pharmaceutical, chemical, and other sanitary applications.

The product, which is called APEWF, nonetheless reflects a commitment by the manufacturer to provide hosing for drink makers.

Beverage applications

Michael Tangreti, managing director for AdvantaPure, told that the company have a number of hosing designs capable of processing a number of liquid goods ranging from beers to products with higher viscosity like yoghurt.

While playing its card close to its chest about future developments for drink makers, Tangreti claimed that it expected further breakthroughs in the services it can offer to beverage makers for liquid transportation.

“We also market a nitrile hose that performs wonderfully in many diverse suction and discharge applications in the food and beverage industry [and] custom butyl hose for beer applications,” he stated. “[AdvantaPure is now] in the development stages for other quality hose products for the beverage industry.”

APEWF push

While now 're-positioning' the APEWF hose's towards use for industrial processes like chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, the manufacture claims the product, commercially available since 2004, can remain a key tool to help ensure more efficient beverage processing.

According to Tangreti, the product has been developed to withstand abuse on a factory floor, while also offering resistance for elevated levels of pressure and vacuum.

The company believes that despite the hose’s focus on durability, the APEWF still remains flexible enough to be bent into tight areas without kinking and compromising performance.

Core design

The hose uses a smooth white EPDM rubber core that is reinforced with a wire helix and further multiple layers of rubber as part of a design the company says offers a sanitary inner surface for beverage and coolant transfer.

According to the group, the EPDM hose has been developed for manufacturers targeting their products as higher value quality beverages, therefore offering a good value investment for the applications in terms of potential processing benefits.

“This hose is ideally positioned for potable (drinkable) water, fruit juices and milk and milk by-products in beverage transfer applications,” said Tangreti. “It provides an odourless and tasteless core and its helical wire reinforcement helps to withstand a higher level of internal pressures and maintain its high vacuum ratings, ideal for non-viscous liquids and thicker drinks.”

With sales agents operating across globally, AdvantaPure says that its hoses are available in a number of markets.

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