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DD Williamson introduces organic acid-stable caramel color

By Caroline Scott-Thomas , 21-Sep-2010

DD Williamson has introduced a USDA-certified organic version of its class one acid-stable dark caramel color for use in beverages with pH below 2.5, the company has said.

Class-one caramel colors do not contain any sulfur or ammonium compounds, meaning that they are normally lighter in color. However, DD Williamson said it has developed class-one caramel color that is darker and also acid stable to below pH 2.5, so it is suitable for coloring more acidic products such as colas, root beers and cream sodas. According to the company, standard class one caramels are stable at a pH of 4.5 to 5.

The company launched a non-organic version (Caramel Color 520) in June. This latest addition to its caramel range, Caramel Color 820, has the same functionality but is also USDA-certified organic.

DD Williamson’s vice president of branding and market development Campbell Barnum told “We continue to see interest and growth in the market for organic foods and beverages in the States. In the world of organic caramel color this is a breakthrough. You see some companies here in the States looking for an organic cola, for example... The primary advantage is stability in acidic conditions.”

The sucrose-based color is also suitable for coloring alcoholic beverages up to 65 percent alcohol by volume, the company said.

Food and beverage manufacturers using the new color can label it as “organic caramel color” in the US, and it also meets Canadian requirements for organic ingredients.

Product development scientist at DD Williamson Greg Kreder said: “Caramel Color 820 provides a new option – developers of organic flavors, beverages and foods can now use an acid-stable caramel color in formulations. It is minimally processed and demonstrates superior stability in acid compared to other certified organic caramel colors.”

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