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Arca provides Coke with eco packaging system


Arca Systems, which develops products and systems for materials handling, has developed a new packaging system for soft drink products together with The Coca-Cola Company.

The system is now being introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in Europe.


According to Arca, the aim of the development project has been to streamline the handling process. The product is delivered from Coca-Cola syrup plants high volume users of soft drinks, such as QSR's, bars, sports venues and cinemas. The soft drink fountain concentrate which is diluted with water on site and then carbonated, is currently delivered in 20-litre bag in box packs. The concept is based on a 250-litre folding half euro pallet container with liner bag, specially designed for soft drink products.


The folding design means that the container can circulate in a system between the bottling plant and the customers, and be folded together to save transport space when being returned. This is said to improve the economy of the logistical supply chain system.


The Megabox concept provides The Coca-Cola Company with what Arca calls "an efficient, environmentally friendly distribution system which is also safe and hygienic."


The first order for the company is worth SEK 30 million (€3.27m), and is an important breakthrough for the company's new Fluid Handling segment.


"It's very pleasing that The Coca-Cola Company has selected our system. The order illustrates the great potential of the innovative new concept we have developed for handling fluid and fruit concentrates. This is especially the case with global customers who have a real need for standardised transport between production units," said Wiking Henricsson, president & CEO of Arca Systems. "We have high hopes for continued success in this area."


Arca Systems operates in 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, and is a market leader in products and systems for materials handling. The company's head office is located in Perstorp, southern Sweden. The company has a turnover of 1.8 billion SEK, and approximately 900 employees, and 93 per cent of their total sales are outside Sweden.


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