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A soy solution


US-based firm Protient is is launching a new soy-based product designed for the beverage industry. The product, SPI 6500. is an agglomerated non-GMO water-filtered soy protein isolate, which is low in sodium, bland in flavour, and free of the typical beany and bitter notes found in similar ingredients.

Protient 6500 also has low viscosity and extremely high dispersibility, which, the company claims, makes it ideal for beverage dry mix applications such as high protein nutritional shakes. The non-GMO integrity of the product is preserved by using a non-GMO soy lecithin.


Protient hopes that the new product will give formulators the opportunity to eliminate masking agents and to reduce overall flavour costs while delivering truly high-protein soy foods & beverages.


Protient is the world's fastest growing manufacturer of nutritional proteins, featuring whey and soy proteins. It's corporate headquarters are located in St. Paul, Minnesota, with all three manufacturing facilities in rural Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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