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A revolution in corkscrews


Pullpop Technologies has announced the launch of its cork-corkscrew, a device that might possibly spell the end of the household corkscrew.

Pullpop is marketing the cork-corkscrew on the strength of its greater convenience, especially in situations where the spontaneous purchase of a bottle of wine outside the home leads to the frustration of having no means of opening the bottle.


"Our initial tests have proven that the new cork-corkscrew is greatly favoured by the public and by wine experts simply for the practicality and ease of use," the company said.


The self-opening technology involves a plastic strap which is inserted into the cork of an already sealed bottle during the bottling process. The bottle's neck and cork are then covered with an incisioned crown that also facilitates the expulsion of the crown; once the strap is folded and inserted into its incision on top of the cork, a comfortable ring is formed in which it is sufficient to insert one's forefinger and gently pull to extract the cork.


The cork dimensions and the pressure necessary to seal the bottle are calibrated in such a way as to render the uncorking possible - even to those who can only exercise little force - and at the same time is more than adequate to offer maximum guarantee of wine conservation, the company says.


Pullpop also says that the opening system can be applied to ordinary bottling lines without any major additional cost. This means that implementing the closure has very little influence on the final price.


The system has already been adopted in Italy by Soldo Winery, which is advertising the new opening system in the general and trade press.


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