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Do diet sodas spur weight gain or help lessen America's obesity epidemic? Does moderate wine consumption help the kidneys? Do thinking men prefer Pepsi to Coke? Stay up to date with all the latest beverage research in this section of


Four cups of Nescafé a day keeps dehydration at bay?

UK scientists suggest they have debunked the myth that coffee causes dehydration and claim that moderate consumption provides similar hydrating qualities to water.

‘You old smoothie!’ Scientists test beta-carotene rich beauty beverage

Scientists are researching whether a specially formulated fruit smoothie rich in beta-carotene can make people appear better looking and feel healthier.

‘Dangerous conflicts of interest’ mar soft drinks obesity research?

Scientists receiving research funding from big beverage firms such as Coke or Pepsi are five times more likely to conclude in review studies that there is no link between soft...

Common sense science: The studies we didn't cover in 2013...

Every day, FoodNavigator scans the scientific journals to bring you the most interesting developments in food science – but there are many that make us wonder why they were conducted...


Turning over a new leaf in 2013: The year tea turned hot...

In 2013 Unilever called tea the 'hottest beverage in the world' and recent research on its health benefits presents opportunities for industry innovation, with drinks like Lipton Natural Energy already...

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam

Probiota 2014: The ultimate pre- and probiotic science-business blend

Probiota 2014 – relocated from Brussels to Amsterdam and organised by NutraIngredients – will bring together the finest scientific and commercial minds operating in the pre- and probiotic sector in...

Study: Coffee and cigarettes can battle rare liver disease

Coffee drinkers (male) and cigarette smokers (both genders) have less chance of developing a rare liver condition, Norwegian researchers have found.

News in brief

007: Licence to kill…yourself with booze James Bond?

James Bond’s fondness for Vodka Martini cocktails and wine would leave Her Majesty’s top agent useless between the sheets and facing an early death, according to UK researchers.

Diet drinks and satiety: Kids don’t compensate for missing calories from other sources, says study

Sugar-sweetened and sugar-free beverages produce similar satiety in children, says a new study that challenges the oft-quoted hypothesis that artificially sweetened drinks make people crave sweeter foods or serve as...

Last call for scientific papers: Vitafoods and Probiota in 2014

Vitafoods Europe and Probiota 2014 – two separate events – close the period for submission of scientific and other papers this Friday. Yes in two days.

Grape seed extract may kill prostate cancer

A component found in grape seed extract (GSE) could be effective in killing prostate cancer cells, according to a study in the Nutrition and Cancer journal.

Energy drink study leader: We did not state that a short-term increase in heart contraction rate is a health concern

The lead researcher behind a high-profile paper showing energy drinks increase heart contraction rates has rejected claims by Monster Beverage Corp that the paper is ‘alarmist’ and stressed that “whether...

Cardiologist warns coffee heart health study doesn't apply to energy drinks

Eminent cardiologist Gordon Tomaselli has warned against applying the results of a small study linking caffeinated coffee with better blood vessel function to other products such as energy drinks.

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to higher cancer risk: Study

Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages may be associated with an increased risk of developing endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women, according to new data.

NZ begins process to ferment place as leading lifestyle wine exporter

Winegrowers in New Zealand have embarked on their largest ever research and development project in a bid to capitalise on the world’s growing taste for so-called “lifestyle wines”, which are...

Artificial sweeteners are safe and effective tools for weight management, says obesity specialist

While consumer concerns over artificial sweeteners have been blamed - in part - for the funk the diet soda market currently finds itself in (click here ), the fact remains that...

Coffee polyphenols show heart health potential for healthy men: Study

Acute ingestion of polyphenols from coffee may improve the function of the cells lining blood vessels (endothelial cells), says a new study from Japan that supports the heart health benefits...


Ice Cold in Alex or 45 seconds? UK device pulls off beer cooling coup

Enviro-Cool has developed a device that chills drinks cans and bottles from room temperature to 4C in 45 seconds, using 80%+ less energy than standard front drinks chillers in grocery stores.

Beetroot juice supplementation may boost time trial performance

Drinking nitrate-rich beetroot juice for four days prior to a running time trial may boost performance, according to results of a study with trained female runners.

Unilever on tea: ‘Available evidence supports tea and tea ingredients for mood and performance benefits’

Evidence from randomized control trials supports a role for tea and tea compounds – specifically L-theanine and caffeine – to benefit mood and performance, says a review from Unilever.

‘The Lightning Rod Effect’: Sulfite labels scare US wine drinkers?

US wine drinkers who blame headaches on sulfites will pay a significant premium for bottles without them, according to a study hinting at access to a ‘substantial niche’ in the...

Coffee consumption may reduce risk of liver cancer: Meta-analysis

Consumption of coffee may reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer, by about 40%, according to a new meta-analysis.

‘Remarkable’ results suggest environment affects Diageo whisky taste by up to 20%

Smell, taste and flavor assessments of Diageo whisky The Singleton changed by up to 20% when people sampled it in different ‘multisensory’ rooms, say Oxford University researchers.

As soda consumption decreases, biomarkers of chronic disease risk improve, says new analysis

Reductions in the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages are associated with improvements in biomarkers for chronic disease risk, says a new study from North Dakota State University.

Beyond caffeine: Alternative energy boosters

As consumer perceptions of caffeine shift and the threat of more market regulation looms, companies are scrambling to find the next blockbuster to cater to demand for energy-boosting products, says...

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