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Do diet sodas spur weight gain or help lessen America's obesity epidemic? Does moderate wine consumption help the kidneys? Do thinking men prefer Pepsi to Coke? Stay up to date with all the latest beverage research in this section of

Red Coke wins the rat race, doesn’t damage rodent testicles

Male rats who drank Coca-Cola for six months experienced no changes in testosterone production and intake did not damage their testes, says a study that also reveals a rodent preference...

Sucrose vs. artificial sweeteners: examining energy intake & expenditure

The steady climb in worldwide obesity rates is often dually attributed to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and the energy content of modern diets, with a growing body of research linking...

The Appliance of Beverage Science:’s Top 2013/14 Stories

We take a look at the research stories that sparked the most interest among readers in 2013/14. Gastric bezoar suffers should grab a Coke, and cyclists a bottle of watermelon juice...

Bacchus is back! Moderate wine worship could help kidneys

Moderate wine consumption could help keep the kidneys healthy and may protect the heart in patients with kidney disease, according to University of Colorado researchers.

'One and a half more cups of coffee for the non-diabetic road'

One and a half cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes by 11% according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health.

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Taking the temperature of quality control

Refrigerated and heating circulators are vital tools in quality control in the food industry, according to Julabo.  

The Philosopher Fizz? Study suggests thinking men prefer Pepsi to Coke

Japanese academics say that students in a taste test comparing the world’s two bitter cola rivals were more likely to prefer Pepsi to Coke when asked to give reasons why....

Sweetened beverages again linked to stroke risk, and effects could be dose-related, says new study

Increased intakes of sweetened beverages may increase the risk of stroke, says a new study from Sweden.


Two cups of coffee a day keep deadly liver cirrhosis at bay

Scientists say coffee could be used to treat liver cirrhosis, after finding that drinking two or more cups per day cut death risk by 66% among Chinese subjects when the...

FAO: Ukraine-Russia tensions and poor weather lead to sharp rise in food prices

Unfavourable weather conditions in the Asia, Brazil and the US, coupled with increased political tension in the Black Sea region have led to a steep increase in world food prices,...

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The Bee Boys! Good Vibrations help age fine French wine

Winemakers could use bees to accelerate the ageing of wine, according to two English researchers, who could have hit upon an interesting new sideline for the insects’ keepers.

Don’t tax my soda! Study shows consumers put choice first

First Lady Michelle Obama has called it “liquid sugar” and the World Health Organization warns that much of our sugar intake is “hidden” in processed food and beverages such as...

Dutch data suggests soda taxes can reduce consumption without side effects

Increasing taxes on sugar sweetened beverages such as carbonated sodas even modestly could decrease consumption, without driving shoppers to other unhealthy foods, according to new RCT data.


One week to go: FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate separates the fact from the fiction

Sugar has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that? Our free-to-attend debate aims to tackle...

'The first such patented drinks ever been made in the world': Hydro One CEO Sammy Nasrollahi

Diabetes busting cinnamon: Hydro One drinks score US patent triumph

Hydro One Beverages has won a US patent for healthy soft drinks line REVd that uses a special cinnamon extract to tackle problems associated with high blood sugar such as...

‘Salted not stirred y’all?’ Texas sold on salty vodka

The most popular Texan vodkas are those that are slightly salty, US researchers have found, as the spirit’s popularity soars in the Lone Star State known for its love of...

The FoodNavigator Forum

How does sugar affect health? Find out at FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sugar – at least in excess – has been blamed for everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that?

Brewing bioactives: Newly identified hop leaf polyphenols have potential to ward off dental disease

Hop leaves that are discarded during beer brewing are packed with antioxidant polyphenols that could protect against dental disease, say researchers.


Diet drinks alone can't bear US obesity burden, and may even worsen it...

Obese US adults drink ‘significantly more’ solid food and consume more calories than obese peers favoring sugar-sweetened drinks, says a large-scale study questioning the impact of diet drinks on weight...

News in brief

Drastic French sperm slump linked to wine pesticides

Pesticides in wine may be responsible for a drastic drop in French men's sperm count, according to a large-scale study.

Researchers develop tool to unlock genetics of grape growing

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a new web-based tool to help unlock the complex genetics and biological processes behind grapevine development.

Special edition: Pre & Probiotics

What is gut health? That's the blurry 800-pound gorilla in the room

In discussing gut health it’s wise to keep in mind the words of the late United States Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart when discussing a 1964 obscenity case.  Pornography, Stewart...


Avantium nears launch of PlantBottle competitor

Avantium Chemical has reported it is fast approaching commercialization of a bio-based polyester packaging material that could give the PlantBottle a run for its money.

Robotic ‘tongue’ tipped to cut beer fraud

Scientists have developed an electronic tongue to distinguish between different beers with 82% accuracy and claim the invention could be used to improve product quality and reduce fraud.

Food 'compensation' means diet drinks are not a weight loss solution, warn researchers

Overweight and obese adults who drink sugar-free or diet beverages consume more calories from food than overweight people who drink regular soda, according to new data.

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