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Red Devil on course for global expansion

Ultra Premium Brands (UPB), the developer of leading energy drinks brand Red Devil, has been bought out by its management, who are hoping to develop it as the number two...

BioGaia develops 'healthy' bottle top

Swedish probiotics firm BioGaia has developed a screw cap for use on PET bottles, which releases ingredients such as its probiotic bacteria or vitamins into the beverage,writes Dominique Patton.

Coca-Cola develops slimming drink with cosmetics firm

Coca-Cola Japan is to launch a drink flavoured with fragrances thought to activate the fat-burning process in a new joint venture with cosmetics firm Shiseido.

Coke admits defeat in Dasani rollout

Convincing US consumers to buy bottled, purified tap water at a premium price may be relatively easy for a company as adept at marketing as Coca-Cola, but doing the same...

Champagne meets beer

Asian Pacific Breweries (APB), Heineken's Asian based partner company, is set to launch a new beverage which combines the qualities of beer and champagne. Touché is brewed with champagne yeast...

Low-carb Bud a possibility

Beer giant Anheuser-Busch is looking into a low carb version of its world famous Bud beer. Following the success of its low-carb beer Michelob, the transformation of its best selling...

Rieke vending

Dispensing systems manufacturer, Rieke Dispensing, has developed a new venting system for vending machines that dispenses that reduces the risk of ill hygiene.

Alcopops sales fall for Diageo

After three years of successful growth, Diageo's alcopops sales have decreased the company's financial results have revealed. This week the company has released a new version of its Smirnoff ice...

Scotch-ing the counterfeiters

A major step in the global fight against counterfeiting has been announced by Diageo Scotland with the launch of the Scotch whisky industry's first ever miniaturised spectroscopic portable testing kit...

CCE, SAP join forces to improve supply chain

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), the world's biggest Coca-Cola bottlers, is to team up with German software provider SAP to develop technology designed to improve direct store deliveries, full-service vending and equipment...

Torrefacto roast for antioxidant boost

If you want a short sharp shot of coffee with an added antioxidant boost the torrefacto roast is the answer, according to scientists in Spain who set to work on...

Heineken launches home keg system

Heineken has joined forces with Groupe SEB to produce a draught beer system that can be used in consumer homes. The Beer Tender consists of an appliance and keg whcih...

Cobra cans Virgin deal

Cobra Beer, the Indian beer brand beloved of British curryholics, is to be sold in cans for the first time - but only at 30,000 feet above sea level.

A-B in Tajik trademark victory

Anheuser-Busch, the US brewing giant, has won another victory in its battle with Czech rival Budejovicky Budvar over the rights to the Budweiser and Bud trademarks.

Coke launches lime variant

The last few years have seen a quickening in the pace of new product launches by the world's top two soft drinks companies, with new flavour or formula variants of...

Emmi lauches lactose-free milk

The dairy group Emmi has launched a new lactose-free milk drink. The move illustrates the growing concern over lactose-intolerance and the consequences it holds for the dairy industry.

Lutein for clear beverages gets safety approval

A technology that allows the health ingredient lutein to be delivered to clear beverages has been given GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the US Food and Drug Administration.

An aluminium alternative

ExxonMobil Chemical Films Europe has developed two new metallyte films that provide an ultra-high-barrier alternative to aluminium. According to the company, a major advantage of these films, compared to metallised...

Energy drink launches reflect changing times

The European energy drink market has seen something of a slowdown in growth in the last couple of years, as we reported earlier this week, with a plethora of 'me-too'...

Another trademark victory for Budvar

The trademark battle between Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar and US giant Anheuser-Busch has continued this week with the resolution of a dispute between the two players in South Korea.

Tropicana rolls out new functional juices

PepsiCo's Tropicana brand has added a sub-line of fortified juices to its range, including an immune-boosting variety with selenium, increasing its activites in the functional beverages sector.

All go at Huhtamaki

Foodservice packaging giant Huhtamaki has entered 2004 as busy as ever. The Finnish firm has strengthened its position in the booming drinks market through the launch of a new range...

Longer-life packaging

Constar International, a leading producer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic containers, has successfully packaged Smirnoff Ice in high performance Starshield barrier PET bottles. The company claims that the material extends...

A New Year's resolution

Global drinks company Diageo has responded to consumer demands for better labelling of alcoholic drinks. The group says that it will begin providing consumers in the US with important product...

Filling a need

German machinery manufacturer KHS has developed a new mechanically controlled filling system specifically for the wine and spirit industry.

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