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Tetra Pak becomes a work of art

Two Tetra Pak beverage cartons, Tetra classic and Tetra Brik, have been included in an exhibition of everyday "inspired designs that help make life easier, safer and more fulfilling" at...

DSM offers sports drink to footballers

An energy drink developed by chemicals firm DSM is set to gain further exposure prior to a commercial launch with use by the Dutch national football team during Euro 2004.

7UP gets vitamin boost

Dr Pepper/Seven Up (DPSU), the Texas-based drinks division of Cadbury Schweppes, today announced plans to introduce 7 Up Plus, said to be the first carbonated beverage to be fortified with...

Health and heatwave lift cooler consumption

Water coolers are becoming an increasingly important part of office life in the UK, fuelled by growing consumer awareness of the health benefits of good hydration and - last year...

Scottish firm creates omega-3 fruit juice for children's market

A Scottish biotech firm has developed a novel fruit juice fortified with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA.

Researchers discover why wine antioxidant kills cancer

Scientists have discovered a possible mechanism for the anti-cancer activity of resveratrol, the compound found in red wine and thought to be responsible for the drink's widely reported health benefits,...

White tea beats green in bug-busting

Numerous studies of the properties of green tea have shown that the beverage can stimulate the human immune system to fight against a variety of diseases, but new research presented...

Herbals, plant extracts getting cleaner

Plant extract suppliers are developing new technologies to sterilise herbs to help customers avoid increasing scrutiny of solvent use and meet higher demands for product quality.

Coca-Cola goes low-carb

Coca-Cola is launching a modified version of the world's best-selling drink to target the millions of Americans following a low-carb diet.

Green tea could prevent cancer of the oesophagus

Green tea may help to lower the prevalence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma, one of the fastest growing cancers in western countries, said researchers speaking at a meeting on digestive disease in...

Coca leaf, next energy-boosting ingredient?

Coca producers in Peru are creating a new application for the plant in energy drinks and health foods, steering their industry away from the drugs trade, according to a report.

New prebiotic fibre for European food makers

Swiss marketing group DKSH introduced a new fibre to the European market last week, which could steal sales of the increasingly popular ingredient inulin.

New ingredients for bakery and juices

A number of new ingredients targeting the bakery and beverage markets in particular have been launched this month, helping bakers improve volumes, reduce costs and lift product safety or improving...

Convenience, kettles and cappuccino to drive coffee consumption

The British are the biggest consumers of instant coffee in Europe, driven by the desire for speed and convenience. But new research from Mintel shows that many of the new...

Largest wine producer in the US adopts screw tops

Corbett Canyon, the largest US wine brand, is converting all its 750ml bottles to Stelvin screw top closures in order to protect them from cork taint. But with many consumers...

What future for the cork?

Sabaté has this week unveiled the successful results of a trial of a new natural closure which it claims should remove the risk of wine taint caused by compounds in...

Corking idea from Sabaté

French closures company Sabaté has developed a new wine cork that has been treated with a TCA-extraction process. The technology is designed to solve the problem of corkage, while avoiding...

'Next generation' RTD from Vin & Sprit

Sweden's Vin & Sprit (V&S) is to launch the first ready-to-drink variant of its popular Absolut vodka brand in the Canadian market. The launch comes at a time when global...

Starbucks ventures into US liqueur market

Starbucks, the leading coffee retailer and coffee shop operator, is to team up with wine and spirits group Jim Beam Brands to develop and market a Starbucks branded coffee liqueur...

Amersham brewing up change

Amersham, an international bioscience company with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, is hoping to find new markets for a number of its products in the food and beverage industry....

Label technology from Alcoa

A prototype label for PET bottles has been developed by packaging giant Alcoa. The label features cutting edge technology that could open up a number of new packaging design possibilities.

Arla Food ingredient hits WalMart shelves

Building up a market position through direct contact with the consumer and cashing in on the growing low carbohydrate fad, ingredients firm Arla Food Ingredients will see its low-cal, low-carb...

Red Devil on course for global expansion

Ultra Premium Brands (UPB), the developer of leading energy drinks brand Red Devil, has been bought out by its management, who are hoping to develop it as the number two...

BioGaia develops 'healthy' bottle top

Swedish probiotics firm BioGaia has developed a screw cap for use on PET bottles, which releases ingredients such as its probiotic bacteria or vitamins into the beverage,writes Dominique Patton.

Coca-Cola develops slimming drink with cosmetics firm

Coca-Cola Japan is to launch a drink flavoured with fragrances thought to activate the fat-burning process in a new joint venture with cosmetics firm Shiseido.

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