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Pursuit Dynamics builds fluid handling test centre

Pursuit Dynamics has built a new pilot kitchen in order to demonstrate its steam-based PDX fluids handling system, which the company claims can increase production efficiency and conserve energy.

Sensor Wireless launches new bottling diagnostic tool

A new wireless diagnostic tool for bottle and can production lines could revolutionise quality control in beverage packaging, according to the firm behind the technology. Anthony Fletcher reports.

Krones ups PET speed

Krones has upped the output of its Contiform S series of stretch blow-moulding machines to 1,800 containers per cavity and hour, at the same time, an optimisation package is said...

US scientists develop low-cost filtration process

Scientists in the US have developed a system of low-cost fibres capable of filtering traces of atrazine.

Pull the perfect pint…at home

Interbrew, the giant Belgium brewer, has teamed up with electronics group Philips to create a new dispensing system which it claims will allow consumers to enjoy the taste and experience...

Bad cork?

Cork taint has become a serious issue for the wine industry, with manufacturers increasingly moving towards plastic corks because they are deemed to be less of a risk. However, UK-based...

Natural preservative for fruit drinks

A US company that manufactures and markets preservative technologies has unveiled a new natural preservative designed for orange and other fruit drinks.

Grape pomace extract, a natural food preservative to destroy pathogens

Natural alternatives to commonly used food preservatives in processed foods are growing in demand as consumers shy away from synthetic food additives in favour of a natural equivalent. An anti-microbial...

Drinks manufacturers hoping for Olympic gold

Leading sports drink manufacturers are hoping to increase market shares this year with major marketing campaigns to coincide with the Olympics. But the more specialist sector could also get a...

Cerestar pushes ingredient for premium bottled beer

As growth in the premium bottled beer sector gallops ahead overall beer consumption in Europe brewers are driving innovation in the ingredients sector, encouraging firms to come up with novel...

US coffee producer installs gas analyser

A US coffee producer has installed a Servomex 574 portable gas analyser at its plant to help ensure its coffee is produced to the same standard.

Krones pushes packaging technology

Packaging and bottling systems provider Krones has developed a new high-speed packing tray capable of running at up to 100 cycles per minute and a new PET-Asept Filling System for...

No health claim warning to marketers of noni juice

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has warned consumers that any health or medical claims appearing on products containing noni juice - extracted from the fruit Morinda citrofolia -...

PepsiCo flags up 'healthy' products

Soft drink and snack maker PepsiCo might not spring immediately to mind when thinking about healthy food products, but the US company clearly believes it has a role to play...

Food authority issues warning over low-cal sweetener

The Australian food watchdog has issued a warning over a low-cal sweetener that could harm consumers who are intolerant to the fruit sugar fructose, advising these people to avoid the...

Krones to unveil latest innovations

Integrated bottling and packaging systems manufacturer Krones is launching a number of new products including a PET-Asept system featuring Isolator technology and a new VO-DM-PET volumetric filling system for water.

Health brings new openings for cocoa milk?

There could be growing opportunities for makers of chocolate milk in health positionings, in particular in the Nordic countries. Danes, for example, are consuming more of this product than ever...

Nestlé adopts Alcoa shrink labels for Canadian market

Nestlé has launched a range of milk products in Canada, packaged in Alcoa Flexible Packaging shrink labels.

VBS develops new pressure testing for drinks containers

VBS International has developed a new means of pressure testing non-carbonated liquid containers, which it claims is ideal for processors who need to carry out high volumes of pressure testing.

Budvar fails in Bud marketing ban bid

Budejovicky Budvar, the Czech brewer, has taken a different tack in its attempt to stop arch rival Anheuser-Busch from using the contested brand name Budweiser. But the bid to stop...

Crown Holdings produces 25 billionth SuperEnd

Crown Holdings' shipment of the 25 billionth SuperEnd beverage end in North America underlines the current key concerns of beverage packagers and manufacturers - cost effectiveness, waste reduction and processing efficiency.

Tetra Pak goes large with new aseptic packaging

Tetra Pak has released Tetra Brik Aseptic 1890 ml Slim and Tetra Brik Aseptic 2000 ml Slim packages, the largest packages to be launched in the Tetra Brik Aseptic range.

Ocean Spray installs 3M packaging system

US canned and bottled juice manufacturer Ocean Spray has installed integrated packaging software to streamline its packaging system across all operations.

Milk formulation for Tate and Lyle's sweetener

A US firm is to use the zero calorie sweetener sucralose for a new chocolate drink - further evidence that opportunities continue to grow for the sweetener produced by UK...

Non-dairy drinks easy pushover for soy?

A new vegetable-based drink, based on a traditional Spanish recipe, is being introduced to the fast-growing dairy alternatives sector in the UK but it may have a tough time competing...

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