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Russian brewer branches out in Latin America

Ochakovo has became the first Russian brewing company to enter the Latin American market, exporting a range of products to Ecuador as the first phase of a continent-wide rollout, writes...

Tetra Prisma - the future of wine packaging?

A US wine maker is packaging its Vendange product in 500ml Tetra Prisma containers, in a bid to break out of the confines of traditional wine packaging.

Brand awareness driven by natural packaging

Two beverage companies in the US have adopted natural biodegradable packaging to help them differentiate their new products in what is a highly competitive marketplace. Anthony Fletcher reports.

Russia: 'Old fashioned' juice brand wins marketing award

Russian juice brand Dobriy was one of just a handful of food and beverage products to win an award at this year's Brand of the Year ceremony held recently in...

Finger print technology for brand protection

Sherwood Technology has developed a new generation colour change technique to fight counterfeiting in the food industry.

Gum to assist cocoa suspension in dairy beverages

Gellan CP Kelco, bought by JM Huber last month, has launched Kelcogel HM-B gellan gum, a hydrocolloid system designed to provide suspension of cocoa and minerals in ready-to-drink dairy based...

Cholesterol-lowering beer ready for scale-up

A new Swedish start-up has developed a brewing process that produces a beer with cholesterol-lowering properties.

Xanthan gum labels clarified in US

Clearing up any confusion over food labels, US food authorities have given the green light for food ingredients firms to use ethanol in precipitating food grade xanthan gum and to...

Beer bottle filler promises top quality performance

KHS has launched a computer-controlled, short-tube beer bottle filler that it claims offers packagers some of the best results possible.

Amcor heralds PET beer bottle revolution

A new PET beer bottle for the German market may suggest increasing acceptance of the material as a viable beer-packaging format, but some still have environmental concerns, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Tetra Pak launches filler for emerging drinks markets

Tetra Pak has launched what it describes as a low investment carton packaging solution ideal for manufacturers looking to penetrate lucrative new chilled beverage markets.

Scientists push boundaries of bacteria-fighting film

Scientists in Germany have applied a medical profession technique to create bacteria-fighting packaging that can be applied to liquid products such as milk.

Art labels designed to shake up wine industry

A Californian wine producer is to package its products with labels designed by a contemporary artist as part of its strategy to change how the US wine industry operates.

Coke accelerates into energy drinks market

Coca-Cola, which until now has struggled to make its mark in the profitable energy-drink market, hopes to rectify the situation with the launch of Full Throttle early next year in...

Milliken antimicrobial agent gains EU approval

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a favourable opinion concerning the use of a new antimicrobial agent in food contact applications.

Glanbia develops protein-rich fruit juice drinks

Irish ingredients company Glanbia Nutritionals has formulated a fruit juice beverage with whey protein isolate, thought to be the first of its kind for the Irish market.

Beer with a caffeine boost

Anheuser-Busch has created a beer for those who fancy a night on the tiles but need that little extra something to pep them up.

Enzyme discovery could revolutionise brewing

UK scientists have revised the textbook explanation of how enzymes work, which could have important ramifications for food and beverage production.

Innovative labelling leads to solid vodka sales

Dutch distiller Toorank believes that its new range of vodka-based flavoured alcoholic beverages - Petrikov Red and Blue - has been able to establish high retail sales because of the...

Thermo develops new monitoring techniques

Processing equipment provider Thermo Electron has developed a number of new monitoring systems design to help manufacturers cut costs and increase product safety.

Ball expands heat-set PET bottle line

Ball has expanded its line of Heat-Tek PET plastic bottles to meet growing demand for both plastic packaging and healthier products.

Chr Hansen launches natural red range

Number one natural colours firm Chr Hansen builds on ambitions to penetrate deeper into this growing market with the launch of a new range of natural reds that tackle stability...

IDC rolls out aseptic gravity flow valve for food industry

Packaging and dispensing solutions manufacturer International Dispensing Corporation has commercialised what it claims is the world's only aseptic gravity flow valve (GFV) for the food industry.

Bravo! consolidates fortified milk range in Masterfoods deal

Bravo! Foods International, a manufacturer of vitamin-fortified flavoured milks, has signed a licensing agreement with the confectionery and snack food division of Mars, Masterfoods USA, to produce, market and sell...

Campina conjures up bottle for international drinks expansion

Campina, the international co-operative dairy company, has revealed how it plans to expand sales of its dairy-based beverages arm - with the introduction of a uniform line of bottle packaging.

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