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Moldovan Asconi to launch new wine ranges

Moldovan wine producer Asconi Corporation is launching 14 new wine ranges as the company seeks to build on a recent sales increase and recover Moldovan wine's lost export markets in...

Lyondell new resins offer improved packaging clarity

Lyondell Chemical has introduced two new resins that deliver enhanced clarity in food and beverage packaging.

The clever pipe that knows what's inside

UK-based company Kaiku has unveiled the I-pipe, which can identify what liquid is inside it using a non-invasive method - upping line efficiency and improving quality control for beverage makers.

New PET resins approved

PET industry association Petcore has given its full endorsement to Plasmax, a SiOx-coated barrier from SIG Corpoplast, and ActiTUF, an in-resin barrier technology from M&G, for coloured bottle applications. ...

High fluoride levels in instant tea?

The increasingly popular instant tea beverage may be a source of harmful levels of fluoride, claim US scientists on findings from a very small study.

Hanging PET filler takes up less floor space

Serac has launched a new PET filling machine in Europe, the first to be suspended from the ceiling. This, claims the company, means that it will occupy less than half...

Daily tipple for older women pushes away dementia?

Evidence continues to mount suggesting the benefits of moderate drinking to overall health with a new study on over 4,000 older women finding a daily drink could sharpen the mind.

Enhanced water - American science, European branding

Sales of oxygen-enriched water have almost quadrupled in Germany since 2002 to 30 million litres. But in the US where it has been available for over a decade longer, growth...

V-Net to test rival beverages for ginseng

V-Net Beverage has condemned the drinks industry's lack of transparency about its use of ginseng and is launching a 'Truth in Ginseng' campaign which it hopes will force manufacturers to...

Alcoa begins US production of new wine closure

In the US, Alcoa Closure Systems International has begun the commerciallaunch of VinTegra, its new closure system for wine bottles as an alternative tocorks and synthetic stoppers.

Sports drink improves footballers' stamina

Drinking a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink helped soccer players maintain their stamina, a small study found.

Beer compounds, not alcohol, may fight cancer

Non-alcoholic beer may fight off cancer, suggests new laboratory research on mice.

Fuller's accommodates growth with KHS kegging

Fuller Smith & Turner, the brewer of London Pride ale, has geared up for growth by investing in a £2 million new line of keg racking equipment supplied by German...

Sherwood develops laser-responsive packaging ink

Sherwood Technology has developed a laser-responsive coating or 'virtual label' for packaging materials such as cartons, cases and overwraps that removes the need for the application of variable-data print-and-apply labels...

PET popularity growing in Russia

Rumours of the death of PET bottles in Russia have been greatly exaggerated, as plastic continues to be the packaging medium of choice for both brewers and soft drink producers,...

Evidence that red wine could prevent prostate cancer

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer this month has provided evidence that red wine could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and that general alcohol consumtion has...

Coca-Cola defends C2 despite shake-up

Coca-Cola's chief marketing officer resigned last week, but the company would not reveal whether poor sales of the low-carb, low-cal drink C2 prompted this decision.

Quest launches citrus flavor for beverages

Quest International last week launched a range of citrus flavors that it claims provide a real taste of the original fruit.

Asahi joins Japan's fake beer revolution

Asahi Breweries is to become the second brewer to start production of a malt and wheat free, "beer flavoured", alcoholic drink.

Thermo develops fill-level monitoring technology

Thermo Electron has developed the Inscan X-Ray System, which it claims offers ultra-safe high speed technology to monitor fill level and closures.

New evidence supports camomile tea's health benefits

The popular herbal tea camomile may help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps, UK researchers will report.

Ukranian vodka, by Paco Rabanne

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne is to create new haute couture bottles for vodka brand Nemiroff LEX, as the drink continues to build on its luxury image writes Angela Drujinina.

Anheuser-Busch introduces aluminium bottles

Anheuser-Busch, the world's largest brewer, has introduced aluminium beer bottles for its Michelob, Michelob Light and Anheuser World Select brands in certain bars and clubs across the United States, writes...

New grape press cuts the cost of controlling oxygen

French company Vaslin Bucher has unveiled a cost effective method of controlling oxidation of grape must during pressing.

Sri Lankan brewery switches to water

The World Health Organisation has warned that the death toll of the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster could double if disease is allowed to spread. Clean drinking water is amoung the...

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