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The failure of innovation: Bridging the gap between consumers and producers in a saturated market

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In the past, the brand developers had to make products that would hit mass, deeming any non-mass product a failure.

Then the tools of development became cheaper – the tools to produce food and beverage products became accessible. The growth of the small craft industry has proven that the tools to create food and beverage products has fallen so anyone can do it. This has led to a saturated world, where there is a lot of failure.

The large CPGs have not invested in the tools to continuously optimize the brands in their portfolio, and thus the upfront investment in those brand acquisitions are prone to loss and failure because consumer preference isn’t stable


  • Gerry Schweitzer

    Gerry Schweitzer

    Co-founder of Leblon, Brand Stategist

  • Jason Cohen

    Jason Cohen

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Analytical Flavor Systems, Inc