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Rugani carrot juice gets SuperSlim makeover

By Jenny Eagle+


Rugani 100% carrot juice in SuperSlim aseptic cartons. Picture: Greenway Farms.
Rugani 100% carrot juice in SuperSlim aseptic cartons. Picture: Greenway Farms.

Greenway Farms has partnered with IPI aseptic packaging systems to launch its Rugani 100% carrot juice in SuperSlim aseptic cartons.

The company was looking for a slender packaging that was impossible to miss on the shelf.

The brand also incorporates IPI’s King Twist cap on the 750ml packaging, making it one of the largest openings on an aseptic carton. 

“Greenway Farms aims to show its product quality using the IPI’s premium  shape 750ml SuperSlim, a tall and slender orange pack with a big white cap, recalling our beloved fresh vegetables,” said Vito Rugani, CEO, Greenway Farms.

“Moreover, aseptic carton packaging is an environmentally responsible choice that perfectly fits our vision since it is recyclable and requires minimum use of raw materials.”

Greenway Farms based in South Africa, delivers more than 200 tons of Rugani brand carrots a day.

The company, which was created in 1992, started out growing different vegetables for the South African National Fresh Produce Market before its owners Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequeira decided to specialize in carrot farming in 2000 and switch their vision to large-scale production.

Today 40% of carrots consumed in South Africa are Rugani.

IPI, part of Coesia based in Bologna, Italy, manufactures automated machinery and packaging materials, industrial processing technology and precision gears.

It has 89 operating units (52 of which with production facilities) in 32 countries, a turnover of €1,457m last year and over 6,000 employees.

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