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Liepaja and Amcor debut Konigstern coffee packaging with built-in vent control


By Jenny Eagle+


Vento packaging by Amcor. Picture: Amcor.
Vento packaging by Amcor. Picture: Amcor.

Liepaja Coffee Factory has partnered with Amcor to debut its Vento packaging to debut its Konigstern premium ground coffee with built-in vent control.

Liepaja makes instant and ground coffee in the Baltic region and chose Vento because it can pack coffee immediately after roasting, preserving its flavor and aroma, without valves, additional equipment, or processing steps.

All-in-one option


Currently, manufacturers use packaging which emits COfrom freshly roasted beans via hard valves during the filling process but with Liepaja’s degassing system integrated into the laminate, Vento is ready to run on its coffee packing machines with no additional equipment investment or parts to manage.

“Vento is an all-in-one option, so all we need to do is order the packaging,” said Michael Buresh, sales director, Liepaja Coffee Factory.

It gives us a distinct edge and enhances our brand and the streamlined packing process reduces downtime and cost.”

Liepaja’s Konigstern premium ground coffee was launched in August 2016 and has now expanded across the Baltics. It was rated in Latvia as one of the nation’s most successful new hot drinks of 2016.

Buresh added the company is addressing a market trend as Baltic consumers are shifting from instant to roasted ground coffee. It also plans to utilize Vento in future coffee brand launches. 

He said Liepaja models its coffee making on Germany and Scandinavia, offering slow and freshly roasted Arabica beans.

Integrated degassing system

As a local manufacturer, we can offer freshly roasted coffee that rivals our competitors,” said Buresh.

The integrated Vento degassing system facilitates this by allowing us to pack immediately after roasting. It’s an important breakthrough for us and enables our company to differentiate our product to the consumer.”

Vento is also a principal element in Liepaja’s new brand design. The coffee roaster gained greater shelf appeal with placement of the vent on the back side of the pack to enhance the pack’s visual appeal.

Buresh added Vento offers coffee roasters many advantages over traditional hard valves including venting control and optimal freshness with a high-barrier coating that prevents oxygen from entering the pack.

As coffee starts to degas, the pressure inside the pack pushes a small venting layer open and CO2 flows out. As soon as degassing is complete, the venting layer returns to its original position, preventing oxygen from entering and keeping the coffee fresh.

He said Vento is up to 87% lighter than hard valves and allows energy savings by eliminating the need to power an applicator machine. This results in up to 8% reduction in overall carbon footprint for a 250 gram pack.

Vento can be integrated into any of Amcor’s triplex laminates for coffee soft packs and adapted to customers’ specifications.

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Posted by Giorgio DIni
15 May 2017 | 11h182017-05-15T11:18:35Z

Total Quality Director

Good morning I am interesting to your Vento flexible packaging, so I need more information on:
sealed feature and method of sealing (thermal, ultrasound, ...)
OTR Oxygen Transfer Rate
Mouisture Transfer Rate
Temperature resistence condition

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Posted by David Brussa
11 May 2017 | 11h342017-05-11T11:34:51Z

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