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Austin Beerworks launches ‘World first 99-pack’ beer

Simone Hellyer

By Simone Hellyer


Anytine Ale 99-pack beer
Anytine Ale 99-pack beer

Austin Beerworks has launched a ‘99-pack for $99’ deal as part of a social media campaign to  relaunch its Peacemaker Beer, now called Peacemaker Anytime Ale, the very first beer the brewery ever made.

Michael Graham, founder, Austin Beerworks, said: ‘What started out as a joke became very real when we realized how much people love the idea of 99 beers for $99.00’.

We wanted to launch the newly-named Peacemaker with our first official advertising campaign. While brainstorming with Helms Workshop, who do our branding, we came up with the strategy that Anytime is a good time for a Peacemaker,” he said.

The brewery originally made 20 packs, which are 7ft long and weigh 82lbs, to kickstart the campaign, but due to demand the company has produced more but they are only available in Austin, Texas.

Texas law prevents breweries from selling directly to consumers and shipping beer,” added Graham.

Beer fans can follow the social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtag #AnytimeAle on Twitter.

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