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Ardagh Poland redesigns Łomża Brewery beer bottle

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By Jenny Eagle+

Last updated on 19-Jul-2017 at 12:36 GMT2017-07-19T12:36:06Z

Łomża Brewery’s Jasne beer. Picture: Ardagh Group.
Łomża Brewery’s Jasne beer. Picture: Ardagh Group.

Ardagh Group Poland has created a sleek bottle for Łomża Brewery’s Jasne beer.

The design brief was to create glass packaging that captured Łomża’s historic identity while retaining key brand icons and features. 


Maciej Dymalski, brand marketing manager, Van Pur, Łomża’s brand owner, said it wants to make Łomża the best regional beer in Poland, and launched the design to reflect consumer interest in authentic products.

The design emphasises its slim shape and the bottle neck is embossed with the brewery’s logo.

"The bottle’s fresh look is achieved using two design techniques: traditional embossing and debossing. It has a 500ml capacity and is tall and imposing, giving it stand-out shelf appeal," said Roman Sobecki, design department, Ardagh OEG Design, Gostyń glassworks.

Łomża beer is an alternative to both mass market and craft beers.

We embrace the authenticity of traditional beer brewing, which we know guarantees a quality product. We don’t mass-produce, nor do we over-complicate the process as some craft beers do,” added Dymalski.  

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