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Workshop to identify emerging food safety risks

Ways to identify emerging food safety risks will be at the heart of an upcoming workshop organised by the UK regulator and the EU food safety agency next week.

Oxygen-scavenging PET gets the all clear

A newly developed clear monolayer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with an oxygen-scavenging barrier can now be used for packaging ketchup after gaining regulatory approval in the US this month.

Titanium PET bottles take the pressure

A new titanium-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin allows soft drink manufacturers to produce clearer bottles faster.

Banknote security transformed for food safety

Cutting-edge technology could slash counterfeiting and tampering risks as ArjoWiggins, a leading banknote manufacturer, branches into food security and brand protection.

Lamp coating contains broken glass and vapours

A new coating for fluorescent lamps helps contain glass and vapours when broken, its manufacturer claims.

Adhesive developed for air-blown labels

A new hotmelt adhesive on the market has been specifically developed for cool-temperature,air-blown label dispensing, a system particularly in used in food packaging.

PackExpo Round-up

Products emphasise automation, safety

One of the world's biggest packaging conferences ended yesterday, with suppliers vying to draw new business with a bevy of new products.

Pepsi may have to comply with changes in UK recycling legislation

The UK's Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is revising packaging regulations, leading to speculation that the Pepsi corporation will have to comply with UK recycling laws regarding...

Metal screen frames speed up filtering process

Using screen frames made from metal in filtering food ingredients speeds up the production process, according to Rotex.

Hologram system provides method for food safety, authenticity

An Israeli company has developed a system of using holograms to ensure the authenticity and safety of poultry, beef and fish.

Oxygen-scavenging PET brings clarity to market

The development of a clear monolayer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with an oxygen-scavenging barrier could be the impetus companies need in deciding whether to make the conversion to plastic containers from...

Temperature probe provides safety record

A new temperature measuring instrument can transmit data by radio, allowing processors, suppliers and clients to hold identical records of food they ship and receive.

New BSE test could calm fears over beef safety

A new test designed to quickly detect mad cow disease in live animals may help calm the public's fears about the safety of their beef.

Precision balance built for food processing plants

Mettler Toledo's Xpress Bench Scale is a high capacity precision balance built for food processing operations and laboratories, reports Ahmed ElAmin.

Ardagh vs Quinn: Battle for UK Glass Market

There's an all out battle for supremacy in the UK glass container market, with upstart Quinn Glass attempting to muscle its way over Ardagh Glass, the number one producer in...

Rexam sells UK glass operation to Ardagh

Facing increasing competition in the UK glass container market Rexam has exited the glass business in that country aspart of its growth strategy in Europe, reports Ahmed ElAmin.

Special report: Global biotech battle heats up in Montreal

A transatlantic trade dispute over genetically modified food will come to the fore over the next 10 days in Montreal, Canada, where government, civic and business representatives are gathering for...

Budvar beats A-B in latest Budweiser battle

Small-time Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar has beaten US beer giant Anheuser Busch for the right to sell its beer under the Budweiser brand in Cambodia, after winning an appeal in...

Superfos drives alternatives to glass packaging

Packaging manufacturer Superfos has won a WorldStar Award for a new plastic alternative to the glass jar, confirming the current trend towards more flexible forms of packaging.

Serac develops compact accurate PET filling system

Equipment supplier Serac has developed a machine with a neck transfer system specifically developed for the filling of vegetable oil into PET containers.

Karo Syrup switches to PET

The company behind the 100-year-old brand Karo Syrup has swapped glass for PET in a move that reflects a general trend in food packaging.

M&G expands to target high-performance PET market

Italy-based chemical group Gruppo Mossi & Ghisolfi (M&G) is constructing a new high-performance PET plant in South America, warning that the commodity market is becoming seriously oversupplied, writes Anthony Fletcher....

Global Food Group supplies RFID to Intermec

US-based Intermec Technologies has named Global Food Group (GFG) to supply its RFID requirements as part of an authorised partner programme - a step that should see it increase its...

Rexam completes energy efficient glass packaging plant

Rexam Glass' recent €15 million investment in its glassworks at Dongen, the Netherlands, means that energy consumption (per tonne of glass) from the improved furnace will be within 10 per...

O-I looking to acquire Glasspack

Owens-Illinois has confirmed that it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire BSN Glasspack, the second largest glass container manufacturer in Europe.

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