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Tubed vodka packs fail Portman test

Last updated on 21-Apr-2009 at 13:11 GMT2009-04-21T13:11:09Z

A vodka-based drink sold in test tubes has been dropped from sale in UK pubs, bars and nightclubs after an industry led corporate responsibility group ruled that it breaks a number of its advertising rules.

The Portman Group claimed that the promotion and pack design of Rampant’s TT drinks failed to make it clear that the products were alcoholic in nature, as well as encouraging rapid consumption of the product.

David Poley, the Portman Group’s chief executive, suggested an independent complaints panel had deemed the product to breach the group’s regulatory standards on encouraging responsible consumption.

“It’s totally unacceptable to publicise some of the worst aspects of consumer behaviour in alcohol promotions,” stated Poley. “This type of dubious marketing could worsen the drinking culture and invites criticism of the industry.”

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