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PepsiCo opens its first green plant in China


Beverage and food giant PepsiCo has pledged to invest $1bn in China and has opened its first eco-friendly plant in the western city of Chongqing.


The facility is the company’s first to comply with the rigorous sustainable engineering standards known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The company says it plans to invest in a range of major capital projects particularly in interior and western areas. Over the next two years, it plans to open five new beverage manufacturing plants; in Kunming, Zhengzhou, Quanzhou, Lanzhou and Nanchang.

PepsiCo also plans to strengthen its local research and development investment in order to widen its portfolio of Chinese-designed and developed products. The range currently includes: Tropicana Guo Bin Fen juices, Lay's Lychee potato chips and Cao Ben Le drinks.

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