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Monster Beverage buffs up Muscle Monster for launch


By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 05-Mar-2013 at 11:40 GMT2013-03-05T11:40:43Z

Picture Copyright: Monster Beverage Corporation
Picture Copyright: Monster Beverage Corporation

Monster Beverage plans to launch a protein-rich energy drink range called Muscle Monster in 15.5oz cans, as well as a zero-calorie, zero sugar energy option, in H1 2013.

Monster trailed both launches in an investor presentation last December – the slides are accessible through this US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Filing , which shows that the firm initially planned to call its protein-enriched product ‘Protein Monster’ (see cans right).

According to Beverage Business Insights, Muscle Monster will contain 25g of protein formulated alongside Monster’s existing energy drink ingredients blend, and will come in chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors.

During the investor presentation, Monster also revealed another brand extension: a zero-calorie, zero-sugar product called Monster Energy Ultra Pink (in a pink, apparently female-friendly can, see above), while the firm is varying its mix with a new 12-pack of 8oz. cans called ‘Monster Minis’ (see below) from Q1 2013.

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did they happen to mention if this is a soy or whey based protein they added to this?

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Posted by Tyler
22 April 2013 | 16h062013-04-22T16:06:39Z

Energy drinks for women

I know all the energy drinks which are only useful for men now its good to know that these energy drinks are also useful and friendly for women also. Thanks for sharing this post.

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Posted by Terry
05 March 2013 | 12h572013-03-05T12:57:59Z

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