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'Majestic' mango juice fountain is world's highest, Indian firm

By Ben Bouckley , 16-Feb-2012
Last updated on 16-Feb-2012 at 15:16 GMT2012-02-16T15:16:32Z

'Majestic' mango juice fountain is world's highest, Indian firm

Indian firm Godrej Hershey has expressed its pride at creating what it describes as a 'majestic' 30-foot high fountain using its mango fruit drink 'Jumpin', and said the funfair stunt had created a real buzz for the brand as the world's highest mango fruit juice fountain.

Celebrating the "coveted title" that it took at the fair in Fun City, Panchkula, Godrej Hershey said that - while most brands in the Indian fruit drink segment targeted adult consumers with marketing, Jumpin was targeted a "catalyst for fun and masti [pleasure] amongst kids".
Mahesh Kanchan, VP and marketing head at Godrej Hershey Ltd. said: “By creating this world record of the biggest mango fountain [pictured] Jumpin wants to announce that it has been restaged, by adding the most expensive and tastiest mango – ‘alphonso’, in its formulation.

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